Hey! Let's Get Divorced!

Finding good, helpful information about divorce and your finances is difficult. The divorce business is big money for lawyers, and it’s sort of a sad topic, so there’s no real motivation for someone to make available a lot of free fun-to-read information about getting divorced.

Anyway, over at Dumb Little Man they’ve got a collection of links that one woman found useful when going through her divorce. We can’t speak to their usefulness personally…as we’ve never been divorced. Or married.—MEGHANN MARCO

14 Resources on Divorce and your Finances [Dumb Little Man]
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  1. bklynrickel says:

    don’t get divorced. that’s the answer. not cost effective at all. many hidden costs- emotional, financial, sometimes health – particularly with children. apart from ongoing adultery or severe abuse, try hard to work it out. i’ve been there and done that not by my choosing. the costs are immense and long lasting. for some, the grass may look greener on the other side. relationships are always work no matter how you cut it. relationship is not just a set of feelings, but a commitment.

  2. JohnMc says:

    “Its known that 100% of marriages are the cause of divorce. So maybe we ought to outlaw marriage and save a bundle of cash.” – Dennis Miller

    Having been divorced I can offer a few suggestions:

    [] If you can keep it civil it is better both parties get the details down on paper first. The lawyers can add the legal mumbo jumbo later.

    [] If your a man, see if a joint custody arrangement is possible. Just realize that most states favor the woman in this score. Unless wanton abuse or negelect can be proven don’t fight city hall. It’s a waste of your time.

    [] A mediated divorce arrangement is possible in some states. If that is the case, and parties agree to the contents, a single lawyer can do the write up. Both parties show up in court, assert to the contents with the mediator and the papers get filed. Much cheaper but not for the knock down drag out kind of divorce.

    [] Guys, two points. 1) You are going to be reasonaly soaked in asset loss. 2) The ex-wife will be economically impacted over the long term according to studies. So how much pain can you stand up front? If you are lucky, just abandon the assets to the spouse and rebuild your life without any long term obligations. Otherwise, mitigate the best you can.

    Heartless? Maybe but it is a factual observation having watched about 10 other divorces.

  3. bopo says:

    I have nothing to add other than that picture is truly awesome.

  4. Yozzie says:

    @bopo: I second that. This may be the best thing I’ve seen all week, besides the YouTube of Kermit performing “Hurt” I disrupted the office while watching this morning…

  5. kenposan says:


    He shoots and scores! Mediation is the way to go. I have not been through a divorce but I have been through mediation training (and am a social worker by trade). Much less adversarial and it keeps the sharks, er, lawyers, at bay for most of the deal.

  6. medalian1 says:

    I got divorced, best decision I’ve made.

  7. coraspartan says:

    Possibly the best Consumerist picture ever!

  8. SexCpotatoes says:

    I think joint custody should be mandatory, unless both parties agree to sole custody, or some abuse and or neglect can be proven. It’s ridiculous in this day and age that women initiate 80% + of divorces and have lawyers actually coaching them on the steps to take to financially rape the man. And don’t get me started on “father’s rights” it’s like chanting C*** at a woman, the disgusted looks and irrational arguments you’ll get by saying two little words. Father’s Rights.

  9. synergy says:

    @SexCpotatoes: hear hear.