Downtown Chicago Quiznos Infested With… Coyotes?

Meet Adrian, the Quiznos coyote. After wandering in through the open door of a Quiznos located in Chicago’s Loop, Adrian the coyote set up shop inside the beverage cooler. From ABC7Chicago:

Of course, it’s a bit odd that a coyote would seek refuge in a Quiznos sandwich, but that’s what Adrian did, strolling east on Adams in the post-lunch crowd. He walked in the front door that had been propped open because of the warm weather. He settled into the beverage cooler after unsuccessfully trying to vault the counter.

“It did not growl. It did not make any sounds. It just tried to get in. Apparently it was scared and tried to shelter itself,” said Ray Zavalas, Quiznos employee.

For 40 minutes, he sat there quite passive — next to the Gatorade — a sort of odd celebrity, as dozens of passersby came to see the coyote who came to dinner and take pictures with their cell phones. Imagine what Mr. Coyote thought about all this attention.

Adrian the Quiznos coyote has since been captured and is scheduled for relocation to a refuge for displaced urban coyotes. Unfortunately for Adrian, there are no toasted subs available at his new home. —MEGHANN MARCO

Coyote captured in Loop to be set free (With Video and Slide Show) [ABC7Chicago]

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