City Council Threatens To Fine Comcast $200 A Day For Not Picking Up The Phone

Another city is irked at their cable provider for not living up to the requirements of their franchise agreement. The city of College Park, MD (population 24,657) has proposed a letter threatening Comcast with fines of $200 a day if Comcast doesn’t improve the time it takes to answer the phone. “It’s stupid to try to call them,” said Jack Perry, a city council member who claims he once waited 35 minutes for Comcast to answer his call. “Nobody answers the phone.”

Comcast claims the city council’s data includes calls that were not only outside of normal business hours. They also claim the calls were placed during a “statistical anomaly” in which Comcast received more calls than usual due to having recently raised rates. —MEGHANN MARCO

Council May Impose Files On Comcast [Diamondback Online]
(Photo: Sister72)

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