Uncyclopedia Spoofs Consumerist

A sure sign of our rising star, wiki jokers Uncyclopedia have spoofed The Consumerist.

Just like us, there’s hard-hitting articles like “Energizer Bunny Uses 12 ‘D’ Batteries a Day,” as well as frequent exhortations for readers to look at, “useless text,” “after the jump,” “on the inside,” and “on another page,” and of course, copious use of blockquotes. To wit:

It’s not like I wanted to get rid of it, but the simple fact of the matter is, the thing was fat. I didn’t have any damn choice, you know? Anyway, I call the place, and some fuckin’ bimbo answers – obviously doesn’t know a fuckin’ thing about cats – and asks me, you know, ‘How may I help you?’ So I say, ‘Listen here, bitch, I got a cat that needs replacing, now can you help me or not?’

It’s unfortunate that the article’s code is locked because we would like to contribute. — BEN POPKEN

The Consumerist [Uncyclopedia]

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