Top Posts Of The Week

Google Suggests You Swim Across The Atlantic Ocean
“Turn right at Central st: .1 mi, Turn right at Long Wharf .1 mi, Swim across the Atlantic Ocean: 3462 mi…”

No Exchange: Best Buy Manager Tries To Void XBOX Warranty
“Best Buy has a 30-day return/exchange policy that includes the XBOX, but is that any reason to try to void someone’s warranty just to get them to go away? We think not.”

Why Are Text Messages Marked Up 7314%?
“That’s $.015 per data kilobyte versus $1.09 per text message kilobyte. In other words, a markup of 7314%. Other cellphone companies charge comparable rates.”

RIAA VP Laughs At Consumerist’s “Worst Company In America” Contest
“Someone also brought up the fact that the RIAA was recently voted as being the “worst company in America”, to which David responded with some laughs and a quip about how they’ve been “beating Exxon-Mobil for years” in that arena.”

LEAKED: Geek Squad’s Troubleshooting Manual
“Here’s the manual the Geek Squad uses to troubleshoot your computer when you bring it to Best Buy.”

University of Nebraska Will Bill RIAA $11 For Each Threatening Letter Received
“The university has estimated that each complaint – basically a warning that a computer on the UNL campus is being used to pirate music – costs about $11 to process, Weir said. So the university wants to be paid for its trouble.”

Fast Food Deep Fryer Using Live Goldfish Tank
“This is a deep fryer that uses a goldfish tank with live goldfish.”