Bought a Song on iTunes? Don't Pay For it Twice

Until yesterday, iTunes users who bought a single song, and later decided they wanted the whole album, ended up paying for the same song twice. Not anymore!

Now, if you buy an album, you’ll get a discount of 99 cents for each song you’ve already purchased. Sounds fair.

Better still:

For a limited period of 90 days, Apple said it will make the “Complete My Album” offer retroactive to users who purchased tracks dating back to the launch of the iTunes Store four years ago.

The only catch: You have 180 days from the time of the original song purchase to “upgrade” to the album and get the discount. After 180 days you’re back to the old rules, paying twice for the music you already own. MARK ASHLEY

Apple iTunes offers ‘Complete My Album’ [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]
(Photo: Lazy_Lightning)

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