Local Government Powerless Against Comcast, Tells Residents To Switch To Satellite

Residents in Adams County Pennsylvania are so upset with Comcast’s rate hikes that they complain to their local governments several times a week. Sadly, Comcast is the only cable provider in the area, so there’s not much the government can do. Evening Sun:

“We’re between a rock and a hard place,” Gregor said. “We could drop the franchise, but then a lot of people won’t have television.”

Comcast is a private corporation and determines its own fees and channel selection, he said.

Cumberland Township Manager Flo Ford said she’s “asked, demanded and pounded on the table” for rates to be lower, but Comcast did not change its rates.

So if Adams Countians want a change, the best they can do is switch to satellite dishes or reception towers, officials said.

That’s what Gregor is personally considering. And council members in Bendersville said they were also thinking of switching to satellite dishes.

“If we all (switched), it might have an impact,” Gregor said.


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