AT&T Randomly Sends You A Check For $2.82

Kate got a check from AT&T for $2.82. She was not aware that AT&T owed her $2.82. Kate writes:

The woman at AT&T told me I received it because AT&T no longer provided telecom service to the Penn State campus – where I haven’t lived for 8 years (because I am 100). I’m not sure what went down so that they’re sending me almost three whole dollars, but it’s three dollars I didn’t have this morning, so… Aces.

Kate tells us she’s very excited to cash her check so she can buy “IN TOUCH and some gum.” She also notes that the check says “CON REFUNDS,” which we feel is heartwarmingly honest of AT&T —MEGHANN MARCO

Bill writes, “I’ve got that $2.82 check beat. In September of last year, I got a check from “The New AT&T”
for 26 cents. And from a few years ago, I got a check from SBC for ONE PENNY.”