Crafty Airline Traveler Roundup

Snagging Prime Dates With Frequent Flyer Miles
“First, try to book a seat using frequent flyer miles. If you get it, great, enjoy your complimentary roast flying pig. If not, take the first available seat, even if it’s for days or even weeks later. Then show up at the airport with your e-ticket on the date you really wanted to fly on. Ask to get on a flight that day.”

Hack Your Southwest Air Boarding Pass To Get On Faster
“4) Open the saved page with any HTML editor. Change the boardingB.gif or boardingC.gif to your saved file.
5) Print out your modified boarding pass and bring it to the airport…”

Pack A Pistol And You’ll Never Lose Your Luggage
“The case is extra-tracked…TSA does not want to lose a weapons case. This reduces the chance of the case being lost to virtually zero.”

Avoid Airport Delays With Free Online Tools
“…it becomes more important for the jet-setting consumer to stay informed of possible airport delays. Here’s a suite of tools to keep your travels free of travail.”

Get Last-Minute Plane Tickets For A Funeral With Bereavement Fares
“Death can strike without warning, making it hard to get a good deal on an airline ticket for the funeral. When this happens, ask your airline about a special “bereavement fare.”

Free Maps Of Best Seats For Every Airline
“SeatGuru is a site featuring seating charts for aircraft on all major carriers. Their charts tell you important things like, does this seat smell of satanic beer farts and airplane toilet chemicals?”

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  1. Dustbunny says:

    You forgot one: “try to die during the flight in order to enjoy a free upgrade to first class!”

  2. Brnin8r says:

    @Dustbunny: Unless it is Singapore Air. Then you just get shoved in a closet.

  3. Trai_Dep says:

    …and remember, to expediate the security checkpoint, strip naked!*

    * err, if your hotness quotient allows, obviously.

  4. rbb says:

    But if you do pack a pistol in your luggage, don’t give it to your aide to carry it unknowingly into the Capitol Building and let them take the rap for your stupidity…

  5. Dustbunny says:


    Feh on Singapore Air. My last ride, before I ascend to the fluffy white clouds of heaven, should be in first class! Not in a “corpse closet”.

  6. youngatheart says:

    getting the seat selection site is the best thing to happen to me today

  7. youngatheart says: — worst offenders is a website worth paying for

  8. Hack Your Southwest Air Boarding Pass To Get On Faster

    Why is it important to get on the plane faster? I never understood why everybody has to rush the jetway door when they start boarding. People, the plane’s going to leave at the same time no matter how fast you get in your seat.

  9. @Electoral College Dropout: Have you ever been on a 5 hour flight only to get to the airport and wait for the entire front of the plane to unload. I like to sit up the front so I can get off the plane quickly.

  10. madktdisease says:

    @Petrarch1603: so print out your boarding pass at home the night before. and if you can’t or don’t, tough it out. other people who *did* take advantage deserve to get on first, not you.

  11. dvddesign says:

    Yeah, I would advise against “hacking” your boarding pass.

    There’s precedent…….