UPDATE: Lowes Steals Money From Old Lady's House, Threaten To Sue Her For Slander

Remember that old lady who hired Lowes contractors to work on her house, only for them to steal $295 in cash hidden in her bedroom? And when she complained, the store manager threatened to sue her for slander? After we ran her story, a Lowes PR rep contacted us to get in touch with the complainant.

And within 24 hours….

…an assistant the the CEO, a district manager, and the new store manager called Heather’s mother. Lowe’s made several offers, including refunds, and discounts on their next home installation service, but the only thing Heather’s mother wanted was assurance that what happened to her her wouldn’t happen to any other customers. The hardware store said they would look into the workers from the day and make sure they’re not sent to any other customer’s homes.

Heather said, The Lowes people who called, “were very nice and seemed genuinely concerned about making my parents happy…They still do not want to do business with that particular Lowes location however, and will now attend the one in the next town over.”

Posting her mother’s story, “really made a difference to my parents as I don’t believe Lowes would have contacted them otherwise…My parents have new faith in the internet!” said Heather. — BEN POPKEN

PREVIOUSLY: Lowes Steals Money From Old Lady’s House, Threatens To Sue Her For Slander
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