UPDATE: Lowes Steals Money From Old Lady's House, Threaten To Sue Her For Slander

Remember that old lady who hired Lowes contractors to work on her house, only for them to steal $295 in cash hidden in her bedroom? And when she complained, the store manager threatened to sue her for slander? After we ran her story, a Lowes PR rep contacted us to get in touch with the complainant.

And within 24 hours….

…an assistant the the CEO, a district manager, and the new store manager called Heather’s mother. Lowe’s made several offers, including refunds, and discounts on their next home installation service, but the only thing Heather’s mother wanted was assurance that what happened to her her wouldn’t happen to any other customers. The hardware store said they would look into the workers from the day and make sure they’re not sent to any other customer’s homes.

Heather said, The Lowes people who called, “were very nice and seemed genuinely concerned about making my parents happy…They still do not want to do business with that particular Lowes location however, and will now attend the one in the next town over.”

Posting her mother’s story, “really made a difference to my parents as I don’t believe Lowes would have contacted them otherwise…My parents have new faith in the internet!” said Heather. — BEN POPKEN

PREVIOUSLY: Lowes Steals Money From Old Lady’s House, Threatens To Sue Her For Slander
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  1. mrmysterious says:

    So did the lady get her money back?

  2. ChiefDanGeorge says:

    I think I’d want to know charges were filed, not that Lowe’s would give me a good deal on a hammer.

  3. mccxxiii says:

    Glad to hear that the Lowe’s people made a minimal PR effort, but no one reading this should take that to mean that it’s a good idea to contract work to be done through Lowe’s. (Or through Home Depot, for that matter.)

    I used to work for Lowe’s corporate, and I could tell you nightmare stories about how “installed sales” operates. It’s a huge cash cow for the company, there’s minimal control over the subs who get sent out to do the work, and you have to pay 100 percent upfront for the service, which means you have no bargaining power when the work is incomplete or is done in a shoddy way.

    I once had an appliance installed by Lowe’s installers — arranged through my local store, dealing with someone who knew I worked for corporate — and it still took two visits and numerous phone calls to have the work completed. *And* I later learned from an electrician that the installation did not meet electrical code and could eventually have caused damage to my home.

    The big box home improvement stores are *super* if you know what you need and you can do the project yourself. But if you need someone to do work for you, use a local contractor who has a reputation in the community (check on Angie’s List) and some incentive to protect that reputation by doing a good job for you. Even if it costs more, it is SO worth it in the long run!

    P.S. Go Team 48!

  4. It seems like everyone has horror stories about what happens when the sub-contractors come to your house.

    Are these various contractors union members? Is there a way to request union labor, and see their union card when they arrive?

    I’d feel much better knowing that I was hiring people who had to meet union requirements, and that had an organization I could go to if anything did go wrong.

  5. Buran says:

    @permissionmag: Oh, you mean the organizations that allow workers to get paid for sitting around doing nothing (if you think I am kidding, look into the UAW) and who make it hell to work on convention staff at convention centers where you literally can’t pick up a table and move it but have to wait for a lazy union guy who will take an hour to get there (personal experience), and so on? No thanks. I’d rather find someone who’s a licensed contractor. THAT actually means something. Union membership just tells me that it’s quite possible that the installers will be lazy slobs who demand to get paid for doing nothing.

  6. hop says:

    so far i’ve been lucky with the home depot subs…..but we have started to get the local people now……..

  7. Like anything else, the best way to get a good contractor is to GET REFERRALS. (And I make it a point to GIVE referrals on contractors who do well by me (on my blog, often) so a) other people can use them too and b) they’ll like me for the referrals.)

    When all else fails, I try to find a contractor who goes to my church, because I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to screw me over and then LOOK ME IN THE EYE ON SUNDAY IN GOD’S FRIGGIN HOUSE.

  8. WindowSeat says:

    Union cards and contractor’s licenses are all very well and fine, but I’d settle for people who had background checks and were bondable.

  9. NeoteriX says:

    @Eyebrows McGee:

    Yeah, it seemed like going to Home Depot or Lowes was supposed to ameliorate the problem of getting referrals since you ostensibly should have the reputation of a national corporation behind you, but I guess that didn’t work out.

  10. Union membership just tells me that it’s quite possible that the installers will be lazy slobs who demand to get paid for doing nothing.

    How does that make them different from non-union installers?

  11. @NeoteriX: I think it’s a little easier for me because I live in such a small city — I can even get referrals on whoever Home Depot’s using currently to do installs. When we deal with bigger companies, everyone says, “Go to Large Store and ask for Mike, he was great for me!” so I only use referred folks even in the big national chains.

  12. raceroh says:

    People who use the big box suppliers for home remodelong needs should take the time and find better options locally.Most communities have either a hba(home builders assoc.) or nari(nat.assoc. of remodeling installers) or both,these can give references for local contractors and also supply the consumer with information on the process from start to finish on projects.The wholesale building suppliers also can provide leads for contractors ,most contractors that buy wholesale are usually the most reputable ones as a group.The best advice is to educate yourself before you sign that contract.

  13. dwightschrute says:

    When I was about 8 I had a watch that mysteriously went missing after some Chem-Dry guys cleaned our carpets. I’ll be upset about that til the day I die.

  14. yaj says:

    In order to ensure any Installed Sales job performed by Lowe’s is performed to our 100% satisfaction, we always charge the job to our Lowe’s card.

    We recently had work done in our bathroom, and upon inspection of the items installed (shower door), found the doors to be dented, the glass chipped, and the gasketing improperly set in the frame of one of the doors.

    2 weeks had gone by since registering a complaint with the local store, with no response, so I simply picked up the phone, called Lowe’s credit card division, and informed them that until the issue is resolved, they will not receive payment for the work performed, plain and simple.

    Within 2 hours the installer was on the phone with me to schedule delivery and installation of the replacement shower doors.

    Money (or lack thereof) talks…