Intercept UPS!

UPS has introduced a fee-based service that will allow customers to intercept their packages mid-delivery. According to UPS with Package Intercept you can:

* Return to Sender: Return the package to the shipper
* Deliver to Another Address: Reroute the package to a new address
* Reschedule Delivery: Hold the package for delivery on a future date
* Will Call: Hold the package for pickup by the consignee

Lifehacker says using this service might cost up to $10, but for people experiencing package problems 10 bucks may be a small price to pay. —MEGHANN MARCO

Intercept! [UPS via Lifehacker]
(Photo: Maulleigh)


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  1. formergr says:

    Ugh, it’s like UPS planned this from the get-go, and then spent the last 10 years providing consistently horrendous and unreliable delivery notification/holding/rerouting in order to build up a demand for their new “offering”– namely, pay us an extra $10 to get what you thought you’d get from us to begin with.

    Just no.

  2. ptkdude says:

    FedEx has had the ability to reroute packages for years. It takes some pushing to get them to do it, but they can (and they’ve never charged me a nickel for it)

  3. Spider Jerusalem says:

    Ditto. I can see so much potential for abuse here. “Oh, you want THIS package? This one right here? Well, it’s gonna cost you another $10. Sorry man, policy.”

  4. rekoil says:

    Can’t wait to see the security implications of this – steal a credit card, put in the owner’s real address to beat the verification, then change the address to a drop-site midstream. Or even more evil, look through inboxes for a shipment notification, then redirect the shipment to a drop-site. Beautiful!

  5. Kos says:


    Ditto. You’d think I can verify my address with UPS via a telephone bill or something and establish a permanent alternative address (i.e. my work address) instead of playing the same damn game everytime I get a UPS sticker on my walk-up.

  6. JohnMc says:

    Hmmm. I smell a switchero here. I can check off on their ‘while you were away’ note that I will pick the package at the customer counter. (or do the same by phone) Now if I execute this I have to pay $$? Sounds like a step back to me.

  7. simian-fever says:

    ptkdude is right on. FedEx has been doing this for years now at no additional cost- rerouting, allowing for pick-up. We ship often with FE here and do incur a return fee when a package is undeliverable and comes back Return to Sender, but you can choose “Express Saver” or “Ground” and its only a few dollars. Surely not a $10 charge.

    Unfortunately, FE will probably follow suit and install charges for these services now as well.

  8. IanthePez says:

    I guess none of you have seen the commercial on TV for this yet. This is a service targeted to businesses. Say you make 400 widgets, that you ship out to companies. The next day you discover that they are all defective. Instead of having to wait for them to arrive to be shipped back, you call UPS, and they can stop the delivery and get them back to you faster.

    I don’t think it’s targetted at consumers at all this time.

  9. urban_ninjya says:

    Pretty cool. I myself find every time the package is always seems to be delayed at the UPS distribution center near my works, only to have to wait out the entire weekend for it to arrive at my home.

  10. homerjay says:

    Boy, we do like to bitch, don’t we?

    I didn’t think this was a bad thing at all. Its not UPS’s fault that you decide to ship the package somewhere else after you’ve already shipped it. Its not their fault that you want it back.

    So FedEx doesn’t charge for it. Big deal- UPS does. Thats why they’re not the same company. Use FedEx- their more reliable anyway.

  11. Athenor says:

    They’re charging for services they should offer for free (sans additional shipping costs)?

    Whee. When I came into this news post, I thought they meant “literally” intercept. You know, get ahold of the truck, or stop it from going out on the truck. I guess that’s what the “will call” charge is, eh?

  12. Maulleigh says:

    I’m almost positive UPS reroutes for free; I’ve had it happen to me many times. Someone tries to deliver to my residence and I’m not there. UPS calls me and I tell them my work address. Next day: there’s my package. I don’t think I or the shipper had to pay extra for that? Or does one? Hmmm, good question.

  13. aviationwiz says:

    This is intended for use by the original shipper before the first delivery attempt is made.

    You can still have it held for you pick it up after the first delivery attempt if you are the receiver, or have it rescheduled, re-routed, etc. and that would still be free.

  14. royal72 says:

    they can’t get packages delivered correctly, unbroken, and in a timely fashion now. how do they think this is gonna help?!… what can brown do for me? direct me to nearest fedex drop off, thank you.

  15. Joafu says:

    The next step down will be notes saying, “Sorry you missed the reroute at 13:30. We’ll attempt to reroute you tomorrow; or, for $5 more, you can take advantage of our experienced dog-sled team…”

  16. Henri says:

    Follow the link to the UPS website and you will see that this is clearly a service that they are providing for shippers and there is no mention of establishing a fee for the services that they currently provide to the consignee for free.

    I would appreciate it if people posting took the time to click and read the relevant information before jamming the discussion with their heartfelt but uninformed and unjustified concerns.


  17. justin.ryan says:

    This really could have helped the time that Amazon couldn’t tell the difference between a billing address and shipping address. I called UPS and since it was on a truck (still 3 days away from being delivered), they couldn’t help. Best advice them and Amazon had was, “it should arrive at the next stop early Tuesday morning. Just wake up and keep calling until they say they have it.”


  18. Craig says:

    Perfect for businesses and criminals.

  19. whysteriastar says:

    This still won’t help when they mail me a notice saying they cannot deliver to my address because I did not leave an apartment number…nevermind the fact that each unit in my complex has their own street number, thus no apartment numbers. And if there was an apartment number and I couldn’t recieve it, what damn sense does it make to MAIL something to me to tell me about them having a wrong address?

  20. Keep talking...I'm listening says:

    Granted, I live in Memphis, which is Fed Ex country, but UPS service here is awful. I’ve posted once before that their service in Memphis is split into. If you live east of a line your packages are routed through Louisville, KY and if you’re west of a line, you’re serviced out of a hub in nearby Olive Branch, MS. I had an overnight envelope misrouted by UPS to the wrong hub. It arrived in 3 days because UPS had to ship it back to Louisville to get to the Olive Branch, MS location which is 5 miles away. In this case, they would have wanted $10 for me to meet the driver and solve their stupidity.

    That is just one of about 4 examples of bad service I’ve received from UPS in the past year, that this new ‘service’ would have charged me for.

    If only I could charge *them* for all the screwups.


  21. gnappulicious says:

    *groan*… can barely handle the services it already offers with finesse, so how on earth are they going to manage adding an additional service like rerouting? oy. somewhere, common sense rolled over in its shallow grave.

  22. LOR3N says:

    This isn’t new, UPS has been doing this for a while, they are just charging for it now. I work at a UPS Store and we did it all of the time with no charge…well until now.

  23. mantari says:

    Can I use this to redirect my package to Nigera? I am the barrister for a client, recently deceased, who has a fortune worth over ONE MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS…

  24. Hexum2600 says:

    @mantari: Mantari FTW. Laughed so hard I have Dr. Pepper burns in my nose.

  25. full.tang.halo says:

    I was a Manager for a Postal Annex for 3 years, Postal Annex is like Mail Boxes Ect. & PackMail. We used both UPS and FedEx and both have offered to change the delivery address, for free, as long as the package was in the local delivery hub. Example, I could call and re-rout a package going to Fisher, IN as long as it had arrived in the Indianapolis, IN sorting facility, they would put a tag over the original UPS bar code and then it would be delivered to the new address the next day. You would have to call customer service, I was lucky in that I was on the phone with them often that they didn’t question me when I told them to do this. The average customer might have to press to get this done. Just my experience.

    If you really really really want to make sure that something gets were its going and doesn’t get damaged, put $5,000 insurance on the package, this will get it tagged as a “high value” item and will be walked by a manager in their sorting facility. Expensive, but if your in the 3-4 thousand range put up the money for the extra 1k and it’ll get the good “special treatment”

  26. mopar_man says:

    I saw a commercial for this on TV last night. Just so happens they didn’t mention anything about a fee.

  27. deltasleep says:

    With the exception of one poster here, it looks like you have all totally misunderstood.
    UPS now offers these services to the SHIPPER. They have always offered them to the RECEIVER(which in shipping is called a consignee.) You have always been able to do this as the receiver, for free. In some cases, UPS bills the shipper if the receiver requests an address correction, but only in the case of corporate clients- they’re probably the one that screwed it up in the first place.
    So if you want this for free, call the receiver of your package and tell them to call UPS. Simple as that. This service benefits people who may have been the victim of fraudulent sales- bad checks, cards, etc. and people who desperately need something back that they shipped on accident, that sort of thing.
    Please, read these things before you go off on how bad xyz is…

  28. ZekeSulastin says:

    Deltasleep, aviationwiz, don’t bother wasting your breath – nobody on this site save a VERY few will actually read your comments or the original article. Indeed, given the vague commentary given by the blog (customers = ???) and the general anticorporate stance of everybody on here, nobody is going to hear the voices of a few people actually supporting the organization being blogged about.

  29. Helvetian says:

    Some people just love to bash on here without knowing the facts. UPS also provides free services such as redelivery, rerouting, on-hold, and return – however like FedEx you need to have at least one delivery attempt prior to making these requests. This new service is something fedEx does not offer, package interception. I think this is a great service, since you can have a package’ status changed during transit.

    Also you can manually request “No address redirects” and that feature will be blocked, especially if you sell on eBay and need to deliver to the confirmed address.

  30. Bourque77 says:

    @full.tang.halo: Sorry to burst your bubble but the high value packages go down the belts just like everything else.

  31. Helvetian says:

    @Bourque77: A very good friend of mine is actually a High-Value Manager and I was told, HV packages are handled by LP handlers and have red tape. They are accounted for every step of the way and are escorted by hand usually. They are kept under lock and key. I haven’t asked him as of today, so maybe it’s changed. I remember him saying all packages above $2,500 receive this treatment. Even when you ship HV, it prints off an extra page that you MUST get signed by the driver that proves UPS accepted the package.