Dunkin' Donuts Has A Severe Case Of Starbucks Envy

First McDonald’s started testing the McCafe, essentially a Starbucks within McDonalds, now plain old Dunkin’ Donuts has caught Starbucks envy.

From Time:

If it weren’t for the pink door handle shaped like the letter D at the new Dunkin’ Donuts shop in Sarasota, Fla., you might think you had stumbled into a Starbucks. Bags of beans and oversize coffee mugs near the door? Check. A waiting area for lattes and cappuccinos? Check. Heck, there’s even free wi-fi and a rack of gift cards by the register.

This is the Dunkin’ Donuts of the future, a chic space with soaring ceilings and earth-toned walls that will be the prototype for every new store the 57-year-old chain opens. “We’re not a sleepy little New England company anymore,” says Dunkin’ Brands CEO Jon Luther, 63. Sure, they’ll still have time to make the doughnuts for your morning commute, but Luther thinks the slightly musty chain is ready to take on the industry giants–Starbucks and McDonald’s–on their turf. He started small, rolling out espresso drinks in 2003; they now account for 5% of sales. Next he plans to triple the number of U.S. stores, to 15,000, by 2020; expand the menu with pizza and flatbread sandwiches; and give the stores a much-needed makeover.

Pizza? Time to make the flatbread sandwiches?

Where’s Denis Leary when you need him? “You took the donut, you dunked it in the coffee, thus the #%@$% title of the place.”—MEGHANN MARCO

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(Photo: Qfamily)