100,000 "Slingrider" Baby Carriers Recalled

100,000 infant carriers made by Infantino are being recalled because a defective plastic piece can cause your baby to slide out and hit the ground.

10 cases have already been reported, with one baby suffering a skull fracture.

The carriers were sold at Target, BJ’s, Babies-R-Us, and other stores since July 2006.

To get a free replacement, contact Infantino toll-free at 888-808-3111 or via http://service.infantino.com.

Cue the Judybats! MARK ASHLEY

Company Recalls 100,000 Infant Slings [NBC5 Chicago]


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  1. DreadNemesis says:

    That’s quite the defect. I had a shiver run down my back just reading that, and I’m not even a parent. I’m sure that was quite the terrifying experience for the few parents who were unforunete enough to have their children fall out of these carriers.

  2. formergr says:

    Wow, this has to be one of the worst/most immediately dangerous product defects I’ve seen in a while.

  3. RST1123 says:
  4. MeanMachine says:

    They hate your kids.

    Hey, at least they’re honest!

  5. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    I would think this is something they would have tested before hand. There doesn’t seem to be many parts to this thing, or different scenarios of usage, how hard could it be to test?

  6. mopar_man says:

    I’m wondering what the defective part is. Is there a plastic piece for adjusting the fit? That’s the only thing I can see failing. That or the sewing done by the hands of small Chinese children is coming undone.

  7. CiQuat says:

    We just had our first child in December last year and this is one of the /first/ things I put on our registry. My wife uses it quite often. This does not make me feel real good now…

  8. tvh2k says:

    This really angers me. The company cheaped out on the 2 cent piece of plastic that tightens the sling and wound up nearly killing at least one infant. I’m not a parent, but if I were I’d certainly be willing to eat the cost to ensure that my baby sling was safe!

  9. juri squared says:

    Holy crap, I almost bought that exact carrier.

    That’s it, I’m making my own.

  10. MaliBoo Radley says:

    I cannot help myself. For whatever reason, this made me laugh. I’m twisted.


  11. catnapped says:

    @MeanMachine: They may hate your kids but they LOVE your money!

  12. mopar_man says:


    WTF? I thought there was some approval required for comments on here?

  13. aloe vera says:

    As an expectant mother who is in the process of choosing items for my baby, this is really scary.
    I wasn’t planning on getting this particular sling, but I will definitely be more careful when I do choose one.

  14. Echodork says:

    Ooh…. we bought and use one of those…. good to know.

  15. superlayne says:

    I’d be worried about my baby suffocating in that.

  16. Helvetian says:

    I am not even a parent and also was frightened reading this. They should do extensive testing using those water filled baby dolls to ensure it’s fine. I never liked those baby holders, I would always be so paranoid the baby would slip out.

  17. BlackBirdTA says:

    Now I’m really glad I got a custom made to fit sling on eBay (for around $30, I think). It wasn’t padded or near as nice looking as this one, but it was all one piece of fabric and double stitched. My son seemed quite content in it when he was little.

    This one looks like your baby would get lost and smother in there.

  18. ZonzoMaster says:

    Holly crap that’s just horrible =O, they just don’t care anymore do they???

    Oh and btw, why are the posts being checked now before being released? (or so a message says when i post)

  19. Dag says:

    radyelas: Me too.