Here's A Great Idea: Non-Childproof Lighters That Look Like Toys

Reader “homer simpson” found these lighters at a Fred’s Super Dollar Store in his home state of Mississippi. The lighters are not childproof and are displayed next to the check out counter where kids can reach them. What a great idea. “homer simpson” writes:

Every time i go there my 3 yr. old tries to grab them off the counter, they look very appealing to him. At Christmastime they even had ones that looked like snowmen and Santa, and they would light up with LEDs and play music.

Any help i can get is appreciated, i know other people who have tried to get the store to stop selling them with no avail. I don’t know how people are supposed to teach their kids not to play with fire when kids can’t even tell the difference between a toy and a lighter.

More photos inside.


We’re not about child-proofing the planet or anything, but these lighters do seem a little stupid. —MEGHANN MARCO

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