FCC Won't Legalize Cellphones In-Flight After All

Wave goodbye to your nightmares of hearing people jabbering on cellphones in flight!

While air travel already bears an astonishing similarity to riding a city bus, you won’t have to deal with the loud-talking guy who keeps repeating “Where are you?” on his cellphone. The FCC has changed its mind, and they’re leaving the ban on in-flight use cellular phones in place. Yay!

It’s not a decision based on courtesy, or safety, or an effort to restore a genteel atmosphere to American skies. It’s because tests show that airborne cellular calls actually disrupt the reception at towers on the ground. Somehow, airlines in other countries (like Emirates and Ryanair) are getting around this technical problem, but the USA will be a no-fly zone for mobile calls.

Can you hear me now? No? Good. MARK ASHLEY

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(Photo: KB35)