Babies And Razor Blades Don't Mix

Reader Ted (whose daughter was born on St.Patricks’s Day, Congratulations Ted!) found a razor blade inside a Learning Curve Close and Secure Sleeper he purchased from Target. Ted writes:

I’ve been enjoying your site for many months now, but I’m easy to please so I haven’t had the need to e-mail you about anything until now. Our baby daughter was born on St. Patrick’s day and we brought her home yesterday. Today my fianc

e and I went to Target East in Madison, WI and I waited in the car with the baby while she went in and bought a Close and Secure Sleeper which is from The First Years line by Learning Curve. It is a mini-bed of sorts that allows your baby to sleep in bed with mom and dad. This afternoon we put it on the couch and put the baby in it while we watched tv. This evening my fianc

e was getting tired and she wanted to take the baby upstairs and put her in our bed so they could both get some sleep. I folded it up, brought it upstairs, and unfolded it on the bed. That’s when I saw it: the silhouette of a razor blade beneath the mattress cover for the Sleeper.

The rest of Ted’s email and more pictures inside…

Ted continues:

I pulled back the cover for the thing, and sure enough there’s a fucking razor blade in the thing!! Needless to say I am livid. I called the number on the box and they’re of course closed. I don’t have the patience to wait until 9AM or whatever, so I’m e-mailing you guys. I’m about to call the local news and get some reporters over here. What do you think I should do? Is it time to lawyer up? See (and post) the attached pics please. I included a hi-res pic of the razor blade so you can see the details.


We suggested that Ted contact the CPSC and the manufacturer. They can then properly issue a recall if needed.

Ted has already called Target and the manager offered him a gift card. Ted stresses that he’s not upset with Target, as they’re just the reseller.

Remember: Be like Ted. Check your child’s toys, clothes, whatever before letting them use them. You never know what’s in the box.—MEGHANN MARCO

UPDATE: Ted says he was mad when he wrote the email and isn’t looking for a payout:

I was angry when I typed that e-mail and I’ve been watching a bit too much CSI lately 😉 I’m not looking for a payout, I just want to make sure that the company does something about it.


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