Upgrade Your Tivo For Cheap By Trying To Cancel

Reader Justin tells us that now is the time to upgrade your Tivo, should that be your heart’s desire:

Tivo is now offering a trade-up program for older Series 1 Tivos. If you tell them your Series 1 machine is acting up, they will offer a highly discounted model (I got a series 2 Dual Tuner for $35 shipped) with your original service agreement.

I recently added a Dual Tuner to our house, and was going to cancel my older Series 1. When I called, the representative (very helpfully, I might add) suggested I take advantage of their new offer, and I couldn’t resist. Now I have 2 Series 2 DT’s, one at 14.99 a month, the other at 6.99 a month. They didn’t even want the old series 1 back! Tivo customer service has rocked my world every time I have called.

This tip teaches us a valuable lesson: Retention specialists have the best offers. Try to cancel and you shall receive.—MEGHANN MARCO