Download Tax Cut For Free

Still haven’t done the old taxes? Here’s your chance to download TaxCut Premium Federal from HRBlock for free.

Don’t forget to remove “Extended Download Protection” from your shopping cart before you check out. According to Gizmodo the download comes with “Deduction Pro,” which is, shockingly, quite helpful with deductions. —MEGHANN MARCO

Download TaxCut Premium [via Lifehacker & Gizmodo]


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  1. Athenor says:

    My bank sent me a copy of TaxCut Basic to do my taxes.

    I got one page in, saw a $25 fee, and then stopped.

    See, I don’t exactly make much as a student. In fact, I think most of you would be surprised — the gov’t allows up to $52,000 adjusted Gross Income to file for free. You just have to sign up for one of the services that allows it if you want to do it online.

    I had to make a new account with H&R block (last year they changed me over to a premium member, I think), but other than that it was pretty smooth. No free state filing that way, but my state (Illinois) offers a free file online. I bet a lot of other ones do as well.

  2. thomas_callahan says:

    I just went through the download process and got an “order confirmation” e-mail (even though my bill was $0.00 and I didn’t enter any payment info). Imagine my surprise when it says “This order was paid using a Visa, whose last 5 digits are ***********87461,…”. I didn’t enter any credit card info, and I don’t even carry a Visa card, let alone one ending in 87461. Did somebody just get a mystery charge of $0.00 on their credit card, or are they just making up random fake credit card info to make the order processing system happy?

  3. loveshinesthru says:

    how long does it take to get your confirmation email? after i made up my password and clicked on continue it went to a blank page. no emails. yet.