Help Improve Tech Support At Apple, Dell, Gateway, And HP

Vocal Laboratories, a company that helps other companies improve customer service by surveying customer calls, is working on project to improve tech support at Apple, Dell, Gateway, and HP, and you can participate.

Next time you have a technical problem with one of these computer manufacturers, call the numbers below instead of the normal technical support number. The call will go to Vocal Labs and get forwarded to the company in question. Within an hour after the call is over, Vocal Labs calls you back for a 2-minute interview.

The numbers are:
Apple: 800-894-3218
Dell Technical Support: 800-894-3639
Gateway Technical Support: 800-894-3552
HP Technical Support: 800-871-4439

Currently, Apple is winning with 100% customer satisfaction and 71% effectiveness. Gateway is at the bottom with 50% in both categories. — BEN POPKEN

Service Quality Tracker [Vocal Laboratories]

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