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Image courtesy of "9 tips, 5 pages of insider info about how the car rental game really works."

9 Confessions From A Former Enterprise Rental Salesman
“9 tips, 5 pages of insider info about how the car rental game really works.”

Home Depot Thinks ‘Lorem Ipsum’ Is Spanish
“For those of you not familiar with “lorem ipsum,” it’s commonly used placeholder text dating from the 1500’s. The text was created by scrambling words from a passage of “de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum” (The Extremes of Good and Evil) by Marcus Tullius Cicero.”

Walmart Sends Us DMCA Takedown Letter For Slideshow
“The letter, posted inside, is dated for March 8th, the same day the AP article confirming the data published. That’s what we like to see, synchronized watches.”

How A Quiznos Owner Shot Himself 3 Times In The Chest
“Thats how a poor bastard gets the strength to shoot himself in the chest 3 times, he wants to MAKE SURE it’s over.”

Dell: Absolutely Free Vista Upgrade 70% Off
“Just an FYI that Dell has agreed to send me the Vista for free. I wrote an e-mail directly to Michael Dell (CEO) and got a call from a “resolver” in their Executive office…they’re sending it at no charge.”

“Recent royalty hikes on internet radio broadcasts have lit a fire of hate under the hot little buns of…NPR? Yes, National Public Radio is pissed.”

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