BREAKING: JetBlue Cancels All NY Area Flights, Police Respond To Riotous Crowds

Police are responding to crowd disruptions in the Newark International Airport following JetBlue’s announcement that it was canceling all flights in the New York Metro area.

[13:18] Neil: I subscribe to a fire/rescue/police notification service that basically listens to those scanners and sends text messages to its subscribers..
[13:19] Neil: they said JetBlue just cancelled all flights out of Newark and have called the Port Authority Police to respond to the terminal for crowd control and disturbances going on there now.

JetBlue’s website confirms the cancellations. Looks like their new “passenger bill of rights” will be tested.

Anyone got cellphone pix? Send ’em to — BEN POPKEN

UPDATE: Seems like nothing really happened with this so-called “riot.” Buried for inaccuracy.


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  1. emax4 says:

    I don’t think it’s a good idea for those customers to riot. Pretty soon JetBlue won’t be able to take it anymore and close their doors, leaving customers to complain about paying higher prices when they’re forced to fly on other airlines.

  2. NeoteriX says:

    People can’t have it both ways. First they don’t want to be stuck on the tarmac as the plane waits for the possibility to take off. Now they don’t want a cancellation.


  3. gorckat says:

    I don’t ahve sound at work, but maybe one of these feeds is right?

  4. Ben Popken says:

    @gorckat: NJ police scanner feed seems down. (Real Audio stream).

  5. kerrington.steele says:

    Aren’t the only JetBlue flights out of Newark to like 2 cities in Florida? If that’s the case, there can’t be that many passengers rioting … a couple canisters of tear gas should take care of that in a jiffy!

    Seriously, though, I second NeoteriX: passengers, pick your poison and then take it like a grown-up. My sympathies, but it’s kind of, “six of one inconvenience, half-dozen of the other.”

  6. Trai_Dep says:

    Crowd control? Disturbances? Parrotting Neo’s comment, the customers can’t have it both ways. Either you suffocate for 8hrs in a tarmac-parked aluminum tube or you take your rescheduling lumps in the concourse.

    What do these people expect? Piggy-back rides on the backs of Jet Blue employees to their destination?

  7. bluebuilder says:

    @GeneralLeigh: You are expecting all passengers to pick the same poison? lol, they will all want something different.

  8. lindyman77 says:

    Go JetBlue!

  9. Skylar says:

    Go corporation! Fuck the idiot consumers!

    Wait, what blog is this again?

  10. The Unicorn says:

    C’mon Skylar, it’s hardly JetBlue’s fault that customers are rioting (if that is in fact the case)…& rioting is rarely, if ever, a productive problem-solving tactic.

  11. NeoteriX says:

    Right. It seems to customers refuse to acknowledge that the airline industry problems are a combination of the airline industries AND fundamental problems with airline policy: including the FAA, airline traffic control, Homeland security, pilot unions, etc. While airlines are somewhat responsible, they are operating in a very narrow, constrained set of choices, further compounded by the airline prices that have resulted in a race to the bottom.

    Plus, IT’S SNOWING. For the love of God, it’s not like JetBlue decided to screw over its customers for the hell of it.

  12. tourpro says:

    Jeez, it’s another huge storm. Why can’t people who travel during Winter realize that SNOW can affect travel? The public groveling that JetBlue had to do was commendable, but they might have taken it too far. Let them riot!

  13. cindel says:

    Those people need to shut it! Seriously, it’s SNOWING and what are you going to do? If they want to leave that bad, find other means.

  14. erika says:

    my coworker’s husband works at the newark airport for jet blue and he said that today was a super boring day there. they canceled almost all of the flights last night and called passengers to let them know and to reschedule. if there was a “riot” i’d be willing to bet that it was maybe 1 or 2 people. . .

  15. Skylar says:

    @The Unicorn: Yeah, I guess expecting to fly during a snowstorm is pretty unrealistic, but it’s still weird to see comments rooting for JetBlue and criticizing the customers.

  16. cgmaetc says:

    I’d much rather sit on the tarmac or languish in the terminal than plummet into the Atlantic druing a blizzard.

  17. Craig says:

    Bye bye JetBlue…it was fun while it lasted.

  18. royal72 says:

    let the revolution commence.

  19. facted says:

    @: Dude, please. Get a grip. It’s hilarious all this attention paid to JetBlue these days. They’re not the only airline that cancels flights in the middle of snow storms. In fact, the reason that they had the largest # of canceled flights for the day is because they’re also the 2nd largest carrier in NYC (behind I would guess, Continental flying out of Newark).

    Let’s all grow up and cut them some slack. It’s snowing. Your plane is not going take off, and if I had a flight today, I’d be happy if my plane didn’t take off to tell you the truth.

    The most ironic part about this is that Jetblue’s completion % for flights that are not related to huge storms like this is the highest in the industry. They RARELY cancel flights, and would rather get somewhere hours late, instead. However, now that they cancel a few in the face of a snow storm, all of a sudden they’re the devil?

  20. The Bigger Unit says:

    lol…I’m sorry, but the image of a couple people “rioting” in an airport (which I presume would automatically be considered a terrorist act?) and having the police come in makes me chuckle. I just can’t explain what about it makes me laugh.

    JetBlue was better off putting and leaving them on the tarmac I guess!

    Who “riots” in an airport? How does that go?

  21. LintMan says:

    My mom’s Jetblue flight out of Newark last week was delayed 4+ hours due to “high winds”. If those flights were cancelled, I can imagine people looking out the window, not seeing much of anything happening, and being angry.

    But in a snowstorm? You have to be an idiot to get angry at the airline for cancelling your flight. Personally, I’d curse my bad luck with the weather and just be thankful they didn’t trap me in the plane on the runway for 4+ hours.

  22. TPIRman says:

    I just got back from Newark where I was going to fly out on Continental. The airfield is shut down; there are no flights going out from any airline. Continental has a page up on their site much like JetBlue’s telling affected customers what to do. I tried calling the reservation number offered on that page, and a recording told me to call back later. The page says I’ll get a refund because my flight was canceled, so whatever. I’ll wait and hope it’s not a huge hassle.

    There was no sign or word of any major “disturbances” along the line of rioting, etc. The post is going on shaky fourth-hand information, so take it with the appropriate grains of salt. Most people took it pretty well because, as others have noted, the weather is pretty awful today. There were a few extra cops around to make sure that people lined up in the right places for cabs, trains, buses, etc.

    Honestly, it’s a snowstorm at an airport. I know JetBlue had some extraordinary problems lately, but that doesn’t mean that every winter storm henceforth is going to be an epic disaster.

  23. mbressman says:

    Neil: what is the fire/rescue/police notification service that you subscribe to?