BREAKING: JetBlue Cancels All NY Area Flights, Police Respond To Riotous Crowds

Police are responding to crowd disruptions in the Newark International Airport following JetBlue’s announcement that it was canceling all flights in the New York Metro area.

[13:18] Neil: I subscribe to a fire/rescue/police notification service that basically listens to those scanners and sends text messages to its subscribers..
[13:19] Neil: they said JetBlue just cancelled all flights out of Newark and have called the Port Authority Police to respond to the terminal for crowd control and disturbances going on there now.

JetBlue’s website confirms the cancellations. Looks like their new “passenger bill of rights” will be tested.

Anyone got cellphone pix? Send ’em to — BEN POPKEN

UPDATE: Seems like nothing really happened with this so-called “riot.” Buried for inaccuracy.

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