Credit Card Savvy Roundup

Attention: You Lowered Your APR Just By Asking, Again.
“You guys are so awesome. You call your credit card company and you ask them to lower your APR…and they do! It just keeps happening!”

HOW TO: Play 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards For Fun And Profit
“0% balance transfers can be a great tool to cut down credit card debt as you’re, obviously, paying nothing for interest. However, you need to know the rules of the game and how to play by them, or you could wind back up with a nasty APR.”

Math Problem: Best Paying Off Credit Card Method, Snowball or Orzman?
“The “Snowball” method for paying off debt is very popular, but what about one offered by Suze Orman? Which one results in paying the least money and getting out of debt the fastest?”

Should You Pay Off Your Credit Cards With Home Equity?
“…while you may be saving big money by cutting your interest rate, you should think the decision over carefully.”

10 Ways To Avoid Credit Card Pitfalls
“Be aware that the card issuer has a great deal of leeway. They reserve the right to change the terms of your card, including the APR (annual percentage rate), at any time, for any reason–with as little as 15 days notice. So check your monthly statement carefully.”

HOW TO: Get Your First Credit Card
“Credit card companies like to offer credit to students in the hopes that they’ll keep the card after they graduate.They also probably want you to spend a bunch of money. Don’t do that part.”

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