Clearance Items

Court drops charges against Dunn in HP pretexting scandal [BoingBoing]
A California judge has dismissed charges against ex HP Chairman Patricia Dunn in the HP pretexting scandal.

Consumer complaints — companies ignore them [U.S. PIRG]
Companies don’t care. Why should they? They don’t have to care.

You don’t know what its like [Behind the Counter]
Of all the types of tender (ways to pay) out there, those freaking AmEx and Visa gift cards are absolutely the single most difficult things in the world to use.

HOW TO – Make a Ninja Pillow [CRAFT]
“I love my little ninja pillow because he’s imperfect; I love his pink mask and his unevenness. But I love him even more for being homemade, completely safe, and made entirely of crap we had around the house.”

(Photo: demedulce)

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