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Court drops charges against Dunn in HP pretexting scandal [BoingBoing]
A California judge has dismissed charges against ex HP Chairman Patricia Dunn in the HP pretexting scandal.

Consumer complaints — companies ignore them [U.S. PIRG]
Companies don’t care. Why should they? They don’t have to care.

You don’t know what its like [Behind the Counter]
Of all the types of tender (ways to pay) out there, those freaking AmEx and Visa gift cards are absolutely the single most difficult things in the world to use.

HOW TO – Make a Ninja Pillow [CRAFT]
“I love my little ninja pillow because he’s imperfect; I love his pink mask and his unevenness. But I love him even more for being homemade, completely safe, and made entirely of crap we had around the house.”

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  1. philbert says:

    If customer frustration is 70% per the consumer complaints article it would seem a perfect opportunity for a new company to actually offer things like a complaint department and a no one year minimum contract and an on line easy cancel as a means to attract customers. Surely that would lure in a loyal following which would seem to me would be a good way to increase business. Or am I just a fool?

    Phil Gray

  2. NeoteriX says:

    Re: Giftcards

    I figured this out the last time I had to deal with an AmEx giftcard. Here’s what you do instead:

    1) Receive gift card
    2) Determine your online or bricks and mortar retailer of choice
    3) Buy a gift card from them of the full amount of your AmEx/Visa gift card
    4) Never deal with that BS again.

    My experience with the giftcards was that it’s nearly impossible to use a “remaining balance” in an online purchase, there’s no way to enter in multiple “credit card” numbers. Instead, I determined the balance from AmEx’s website ( and then bought an giftcard for that remaining amount. The Amazon giftcards are much easier to deal with at then any Amex or Visa card.

    Only problem is you’re locked in to one retailer, but I’ll take that anyday and have the flexibility to use the card online.

  3. blindInTexas says:

    Hey, that picture is the the Action Pawn in Killeen TX. On South Fort Hood Rd. Sorry… didnt mean to interupt, as you were.

  4. RandomHookup says:

    I love how the poster on the gift cards seems to blame the customers because the gift cards don’t work the way that credit cards do. Show a little love and explain to them how to find out the balance (800#) and you won’t go into an infinite loop.

  5. Sudonum says:

    If you are a regular reader of her blog, and even read everything in that particular blog, you would note that she was complaining about the ATTITUDE of the customer and the fact that the customer assumed that neither her nor the previous cashier knew how to do their job. She also ragged on the card issuer about how they advertise the card and how to use it.

    “Why? Because AmEx and Visa trumpet to customers “It’s just like a credit card” and DON’T tell them that if you have a balance remaining it is a gigantic pain in the keister to figure out how to use the balance.”

    “Mom-Clone: “No. I’ll just pay with my credit card. But how do I find out how much is on the gift card?”
    Me: “There’s a 1800 number on the back of the card.”
    Mom-Clone: “Oh. I’ll do that next time.”

    Most of this bloggers posts are about customers attitudes and Walmarts ineptness.

  6. shiznannigan says:

    Dammit, BlindinTexas, I came in here to say that. I used to live just up the road from there.