Contact WaMu Executive Customer Service

If you have a burning problem, say you’re stuck overseas with your credit cards stolen and no one at Washington Mutual will help you, these are the cats to contact:

Executive Response Team
Customer Relations Manager
Washington Mutual Bank
(800) 225-5497 Opt. 1 Ext. 467
Fax (206) 965-3082

UPDATE: Actually, wouldn’t you know it, the 1-800 number wouldn’t help you overseas, as a reader points out. In that case, you could try

(206) 377-8196, (206) 461-2000, (206) 461-6414, or (206) 461-8779. You can try asking for Ms Cindy Modica, VP of Quality Service Management


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  1. closer says:

    i wonder if they would mind if i called them about my 30% interest rate that’s been destroying me for the past 14 months….

  2. Dakine says:

    I called.

    Was transferred to “Customer Service”…. back to the lowest level.

    Phone number is useless.

  3. AntheaHayabusa says:

    I am a 64 year old woman disabled no medical insurance $500 plus a month for 2 medicines and 4 others although i have paid my credit cards on time never late paid oover the minimum and never went overmy limit they raised my interest rate to 23% on both cards i never defaulted wamu did i callled and emaied so many times explainedmy dire situation the answer i got you have no promotion now that is the reason gave for not lowering it .What i want to know what are the reasons they could raise it . When i saw that wamu ceo got all that money i could not stand it and we the people who ask for what they robbed me of and i ask for so little i hope everyone at all these banks lose all there money because that is whatall this credit card fees that they can tack on us for no reasons i am unable to make these high minimum payments and if they want any money they had better get their big wig butts busy and fix it you are no better then loan sharks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    In September a Washington Mutual representative informed us that we had a Home Equity Line Of Credit that we should do something with. We called and confirmed with a different Washington Mutual rep; then we used a portion of the loan to pay off some higher interest bills.

    A month later, Washington Mutual froze our accounts and stopped payment on our checks/auto-pay. It turns out that the line of credit that had been attached to our account for over a year was someone else’s account.

    They are now holding our accounts hostage unless.

    We in good faith wish to settle our debts and have our accounts unlocked. Our credit ratings are 795 and 801 according to Equifax.

    This has gone on for more than a month, and Mutual/Chase Bank has continued to change the terms of the offer.

    We feel helpless against an institution this size. An organization with the ability to freeze our accounts until the mistakes they made are corrected. We really need some help and do not know who to go to at this point.

    Rosie Alvarez and Anibal Cordona said they would help. Rosie said she would call us a week ago. They both no longer return our calls.