Worker Kept Quiznos Running Store After Owners Abandoned It

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Ben writes:

Ben writes:

With all this guff about Quizno’s, I thought I’d point you to an old episode of the public radio program This American Life, called “Backed Into A Corner.” One of the segments describes the tale of a Seattle Quizno’s line worker who gamely tried to run the place herself when the owners (franchisees of course) mysteriously abandoned the place. Needless to say, her appeals to Quizno’s corporate fell on deaf ears and things trended from the merely difficult to the surreal. It’s a strange, evocative true story, like just about everything else on the show.

Interesting piece from 2005. Note how the Regional Quiznos managers say there’s nothing they can do (the stores are individually owned and operated) but after it hit the media, corporate swooped down all Azarel style, at least until the publicity died down. Then again, you would have to be crazier than those singing Quiznos monkeys to keep working there for a dollar a day. You can stream it from their archives. The bit starts at 8:05. — BEN POPKEN

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