Spring Cleaning Time!

March, the lamest of months. Nothing to do but wait for slightly better weather and clean your house. Curbly has some tips for you, as well as some suggestions of what to clean. We like this one the best:

DECLUTTER!!! As my Auntie always used to say, “Look one way and pitch the other”. Look, I know it’s hard to get rid of your beloved stuff, but trust me, it’s better this way. If it’s really nice stuff that someone might use, give it away on Freecycle. Do NOT save stuff for a yard sale, unless you’re having that yard sale immediately.

True words, people. True words. —MEGHANN MARCO

Spring Cleaning Time! [Curbly]
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  1. OnoSideboard says:

    Here’s a tip on something to clean: your ceiling fans. You would not believe the dust that accumulates on the fan blades. If you’re like me and have the ceiling fans on all the time, it can be very easy to forget to dust them frequently.

  2. mopar_man says:


    Same thing goes for your bathroom fan. Not the fan itself but the plastic grille that goes over top of it. Ever looked at it to see how disgusting it is?

  3. WindowSeat says:

    If you’ve got central heat and air, changing your filters regularly and have the ducts cleaned every couple of years helps with the dust. The tops of the blades of ceiling fans can be unbelieveably disgusting. I clean the one in my kitchen monthly.

  4. tadowguy says:

    Take the opportunity to air out the house on these pleasant 75 degree days (in Colorado anyway). A recent Scientific American article stated that you can reduce the spread of disease with simple fresh air (and hospitals are taking note).

  5. etinterrapax says:

    Also, replacing the filters around the house. Vacuum cleaner, range hood (if you have a ductless one, though the other kind might have them too), air conditioner, what have you. It’s easy to forget about them if the related appliances keep working.

    The smell of spring really makes me want to get rid of things. It’s like a reflex. I already have a carload for the Sallies.

  6. rocketslide says:

    @OnoSideboard: Word. Ceiling fans get grody.

    If you can get your window screens off, give them a good brushing too, because they get nice & dirty.

    I like to celebrate spring by getting my car detailed.

  7. etinterrapax says:

    @tadowguy: Isn’t it amazing how things come around? That fresh air and sunlight are good deodorizers/disinfectants has been known since Florence Nightingale, and probably for eons before that as a homemaker’s method, and now we need Scientific American to remind us. Best of all, both are free.

  8. WindowSeat says:

    The last of the snow melted today, time for the worst job of all, a winter’s worth of dog poo on the lawn.

  9. kaycee says:

    I read a book by Don Aslett some years ago, “Clutter’s Last Stand,” I think. If you’re going to clean only once a year, he suggested fall cleaning instead of spring cleaning. People are outside and gone a lot all spring and winter, will have the windows open with dust coming in, tracking dirt in, housework will get behind because of all the extra work outside, etc. Just when they’re ready to nest in their house again in the fall, it will be filthy.

  10. synergy says:

    Better yet, don’t buy a bunch of unneeded stuff in the first place.

    Open windows are good. Sunlight kills lots of bacteria.