Smart Banking Roundup

Debit Card Stolen, How Much Are You Liable For?
“It all depends on how fast you report it; the sooner the better, and if you wait too long, you’re totally screwed.”

How About 5.3% Interest On Your Savings?
…an update on the current best online checking and savings rates.

HSBC Direct Offers 6% APY On New Deposits Until April 30
“Now through April 30th, HSBC Direct offers a whopping 6% APY on any new money deposited into an online savings account. “

USAA Lets You Remotely Deposit Checks
“…they’re now letting customers deposit checks from home. Just sign and scan your checks and send it in through the USAA website.”

HOW TO: Fight Fraudulent Credit Cards
“He thought CCA was offering him a credit card with a limit of up to $8,000. Sounded great to use for his new home business. Turns out it was a total scam and CCA got his SSN and bank account info and auto-deducted three charges of $99.99.”

Pay More Than The Minimum Credit Card Payment, Or You’re A Sucker
“The minimum payment on your credit card bill may save you from overheating your brain by actually thinking about what you’re doing, but it’s no way to reduce your debt.”

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