Round 13: Halliburton vs Walmart

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(Photo: Clean Wal-Mart)


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  1. Skeptic says:

    What’s with these meaningless polls?

    What is next? “Who was worse? Mao or Stalin?”

  2. Americana says:

    Is this “moronic modern American liberalism” or “super awesome classical liberalism”? I apply to the latter, so I’d like to know.

  3. AnnC says:

    So that’s why Halliburton is moving to Dubai; it’s now disqualified from the title of Worst Company in America!

  4. WindowSeat says:

    @AnnC: Ann, you read my mind.

  5. Typo:
    “Next: RIAA vs Walmart”…
    should be “RIAA vs Exxon”… right?

  6. tadowguy says:


    They haven’t moved yet.

  7. Citron says:

    @Skeptic: It’s voting for the Worst Company in America awards. Mao and Stalin are not companies. They’re probably against that sort of capitalist thing, actually.

  8. TPIRman says:

    “NEXT: RIAA vs Walmart”

    The fix is in!

  9. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    This is the Internet; meaningless polls are at the very heart of cyberspace itself.

    I really, really wanted to vote for both of them, but at least Wal-Mart gives you something for your money, even if it’s cheap and made in a Chinese sweatshop. Besides, I won’t be able to vote for it next year.

  10. jeblis says:

    Halliburton moves overseas to avoid being Consumerist’s worst company!

    Can we just skip ahead to Halliburton vs. Exxon?

  11. Jason-Ryan-Isaksen says:

    The republicans should have told them to wait until the next elections before pulling a stunt like this. They got their no bid contracts, they overcharged us big time, and now they are moving overseas to avoid paying taxes. They aren’t moving because they like the weather!

    I really have never been sold on one party or the other because you have to fit into a political box to get accepted by either side, but this is so over the top I just can’t see it not being a public relations disaster for republicans. I’d still vote for Walmart since they sell stuff cheap, but it’s all crap. I’m over buying crap three times when you can just buy a quality soap dispenser that won’t break one time, or silverware that isn’t going to rust because of cheap Chinese coatings.

  12. orielbean says:

    Walmart took a pure(er) ideology from Sam Walton and drove it to #1 with pure profit motive. They do all sort of business nastiness that would make Andy Carnegie proud and Wobblies wobbly-kneed.

    Halliburton still reigns supreme as an international opportunist of destroyed and decaying infrastructure support. Some would say they’ve positioned their vertical and horizontal market strategies based upon a failed global model and ruined 2nd world countries devolving into 3rd world types that can’t even support their own klepocrats. Pretty depressing that both these companies are fricking huge compared to their competition.

    But who is worse?? Who causes more harm to both the humanist and free market model? Walmart wants to sell a Martian his own red planet for .01 cents less than his mom & pop planet-seller just to get the penny today; Halliburton wants to be landlord and cable guy to a pile of steaming screaming rubble anywhere possible.

  13. w_boodle says:

    Less pointless drivel, more consumer news, eh?

  14. Tallanvor says:

    @AnnC: According to Halliburton, they’ll remain registered in the States, so even with their headquarters overseas, they’ll still be an American company.

    Plus, KBR will still be based here (that’s the division being spun off which has gotten all of the no-bid contracts in Iraq).

  15. thoughtfix says:

    I would have said Wal-Mart last week, because Halliburton is only doing what any other company with a vice-president in their pocket would do: take a lot of business and make a lot of profit.

    Then they decided to move to Dubai, showing they have no loyalty whatsoever to the people who made them rich.