Parking Garage Rates Are Out Of Control

Parking rates in downtown Boston are going up. From the Boston Globe:

At least seven garages are charging for parking in 20-minute rather than 30-minute increments, and many of them are collecting their all-day rates for periods of less than two hours.

Getting in and out of a downtown garage in 20 minutes is possible — but just barely. A Globe reporter managed a 20-minute turnaround at 75 State St. only by racing from the garage to gulp down a drink at a nearby coffee shop and then racing back.

David Rich of Salem, heading down to the 75 State Street Garage in the elevator, said he has made it in and out of the garage in less than 20 minutes, but only if he’s dropping something off in the building.

“If it’s a normal consumer trying to go to Faneuil Hall or something, I wouldn’t think it’s possible,” Rich said. “I’m used to paying $33. It’s ridiculous, but I don’t think it’s unusual for the city.”

Big city parking rates are insane. Only New York beats Boston, with a daily average of $40 for midtown parking. Who are you people?—MEGHANN MARCO

Garages make it a faster race back to the car [Boston Globe]
(Photo: TunnelSlats)

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