Free NYT for Students, Teachers

The New York Times has announced that anyone with a .edu email suffix will be given access to ‘Times Select’ the subscription section of the NYT website. From Editor and Publisher:

“It’s part of our journalistic mission to get people talking on campuses,” says Vivian Schiller, senior vice president and general manager at “We wanted to open that up so that college students and professors can have a dialogue.”

It’s now part of our journalistic mission to pretend we’re still in college. —MEGHANN MARCO

‘NYT’ Opening TimesSelect to Students and Teachers for Free [Editor & Publisher via Freakonomics Blog]


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  1. mopar_man says: works just fine for this without needing the required e-mail address.

  2. @mopar_man: They’re talking about Times Select, which is a premium for-pay service above and beyond the normal NY Times articles (which are free with registration, and appropriate for bugmenot).

  3. rachmanut says:

    @mopar_man: bugmenot can get you into times select? wtf?

    i signed up yesterday (hooray for grad school). I had a little quirkiness at first and after sending a bug report got an automated response saying (among other things) that times select for .edu was 50% off, not free. But then again, this was 3/12 and apparently the offer started today. They might not have changed their form letter boilerplate yet. So we’ll see what happens in 14 days when the trial run ends…In the meantime I’m downloading robert moses editorials and war stories like it’s nobody’s bidness.

  4. etinterrapax says:

    In truth, they aren’t giving much away. I already had this kind of access through my university’s library website, and I believe I could also get it from the BPL with my library card barcode. Being able to do it with my university email just cuts out one middleman or another. It’ll be more convenient, though, for sure.

  5. WindowSeat says:

    I can’t get home delivery of the Times here and I’m certainly not driving to the store for a copy so TimesSelect is the only way I get the content I want. It’s only $50 a year, so I’m not going to begrudge the students a free ride.

  6. ChewySquirrel says:

    so where do you sign up for this?

  7. mrdelayer says:
  8. mopar_man says:

    bugmenot can get you into times select? wtf?

    Yes it can. At least with the account I used it did.

  9. Yoni K says:

    my @alumni.[myschool].edu didn’t work.

  10. joyflop says:

    @Yoni K: my school didn’t work either when they first implemented Times Select. I wrote my library and the NYT at the time to complain, because part of tuition helps pay for the news subscription, and that *should* include Times Select. It’s nice to know that the NYT is getting around to providing access that should have been available in the beginning.

  11. mrdelayer says:

    Yoni K: did you use the signup link I posted earlier?

  12. Yoni K says:

    @mr@mrdelayer: yes. i used your link.
    i tried signing up with a (fake) and it seemed to work.
    they must’ve realized that the addresses are easily obtainable. (i’m sure they’re easy for most other schools)

  13. Buran says:


    Thanks! What’s really funny is that the Times misspelled “university” on at least one of the confirmation pages. (I’ve long since clicked off after registering, reading all the news I wanted, and moving on, so I can’t check how many).

    I only use my “work” email address for “work” but yes, I was allowed to enter the email alias I use for site registrations after the initial validation, which does require an .edu TLD.

  14. Buran says:

    @Yoni K:

    I guess that the system is coded to recognize “alumni” addresses as belonging to non-current students, and only allows access to those who are currently employed by (like me) or students at universities.

    I’m puzzled as to why it asks for graduation month/year info but I left that blank and answered “faculty” since there was no choice for “staff/researcher”. (Don’t know why not; it’s a perfectly valid answer).

  15. Rajio says:

    my university’s domain doesn’t end in EDU …. fancy that.

  16. MMD says:

    My faculty email worked! This is great news – I’m a music professor and I’d just heard about the launch of a new blog written by modern composers – sort of a “state of the art” kind of conversation. I was annoyed to see that this blog was under the Times Select banner. Umm…aren’t blogs supposed to be free? Isn’t that what blogs are – free discourse? I’d never pay for a blog – but I’ll take a free membership.

  17. Trai_Dep says:

    @windowseat: check out your local library. Get a card. Go to their site online and I’ll wager you can get your favorite NYT columnists thru the library’s site. Nifty!

  18. MattyMatt says:

    Oh blast. My address seems to be inelligible, just as the other commenters indicated. Thanks yet again for nothing, Emerson.

  19. silenuswise says:

    I’m skeptical. I never like using my personal email for any web service–I always use aliases, and of course those email accounts are filled with spam. I don’t see why I should expect NYT to act any differently with my .edu address, which I prefer keeping as clean as possible. In fact, I’m inclined to believe that .edu addresses are worth more to the NYT than their “Times Select” is to consumers–after all, these aren’t Hotmail alias accounts, and any business who buys them from the NYT is ensured a true advertising target.

  20. HippieLawChick says:

    Not to be a jerk, but if you aren’t a student, don’t abuse the system by trying to get free access. After all, you are working, aren’t you? For those of us living off student loans, we really NEED to get a break like this. Those of you who aren’t in school should consider whether they are jeopardizing real student access with their actions. I know, the world is “dog eat dog”, but does it always have to be?

  21. stancey says:

    For any Canadians, I was able to sign up for Times Select with my university email address…