Colorado Police Looking For Comcast Imposter

Colorado police are looking for man caught posing as a Comcast employee. The man had no identification and was holding photocopied Comcast brochures as he tried to gain entrance to a home.

From ABC 7 Denver:

A man claiming to be with Comcast stood on the doorsteps of a house in Pepperwood Lane last Wednesday night and told the resident that he was coming to pick up a cable box, authorities said.

The resident told the man that he had problems with his cable before but it had been restored. The resident was suspicious not only because it was 9 p.m., but also because the man had no identification that said he was with Comcast, was not wearing a uniform and was driving a car that didn’t have any Comcast logos on it.

The suspicious man was carrying brochures with the name Comcast on it but they appeared to be photo copies, the resident said. The resident told authorities that the impersonator got nervous when the dogs started barking and he jumped in his car and fled.

Obviously, this guy wasn’t very savvy, but it just goes to show that you should ask questions of anyone who attempts to come into your home. Never let anyone in unless you have an appointment and they show proper ID. You should also never be alone when you schedule work to be done in your home. Bad guys have been known to follow real Comcast trucks and pretend to be a supervisor checking up on the real employee’s work. —MEGHANN MARCO

Deputies Look For Cable Guy Impersonator [abc 7 Denver]


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  1. d0x says:

    Are people getting more insane everyday or is it just the fact that the news is so widespead and delivery is fast?

    Did this crap happen 50 years ago and people brushed it off or chalked it up to something else?

    Has the world really changed so much or has the way we get information just made it seem that way?

  2. kenposan says:

    What was he going to do, fall asleep on the couch? :-)

  3. DeeJayQueue says:

    I asked for ID from the RCN cable guy the last time he came out… he acted like it was such a chore because he had to run back to his truck and get it. I was like tough shit dude, get it or get lost. I hate being all adversarial like that but why did he think it was a good idea to leave his ID in the truck in the first place?

  4. formergr says:

    Well considering an actual Comcast installer in Chicago raped and murdered two women while on jobs, it’s not just the imposters everyone needs to worry about…

  5. swalve says:

    I think it’s a little of both, d0x. No way 50 years ago do we hear about what amounts to a guy casing a place for later burglary unless it’s local. At the same time, there a lot more people these days and more people means more crime.

    And I think people tend to overreact as well. I’m pretty sure most of our dads would have just chased off someone who came around acting suspiciously. Now it’s a national news story.

  6. RandomHookup says:

    Tell them not to worry. It’s just a Consumerist intern working on a story.