Two Years Later, WaMu Unable To 'Integrate' Acquired Card Division's Support System

Here’s some insight into why WaMu was screwing Marty so hard last week when he had his credit cards stolen overseas. If you recall, Marty canceled all his cards but still saw $5800 in fraudulent charges rung up on his WaMu card. When he called, WaMu was most unhelpful, refusing to help him as the “Consumer Lending Department” was closed for the weekend.

According to an insider, their card services division was an acquisition from Providian. WaMu is still trying to “figure out” how to integrate the division with their general support system. That’s pathetic. WaMu bought Providian on October 1st, 2005. That’s more than enough time to get your act together. Fail. — BEN POPKEN

PREVIOUSLY: WaMu Screws Customer Stranded Overseas After Credit Cards Stolen


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  1. blakewest says:

    Without knowing any details of the systems involved, it’s impossible to say how much time is “more than enough”. There are plenty of systems in companies, government, large and small that would take more than 18 months to figure out and merge with a system from another organization. It often doesn’t really matter how much money or brains you throw at the problem.

    However, it is unacceptable that WaMu has not provided their call center reps with a script and information to help people in this kind of situation. They should have expanded hours for emergencies that happen on weekends.

  2. ducksauce says:

    They named their bank “WaMu”, a name more fitting of an overworked circus animal. They clearly don’t have their act together.

  3. FLConsumer says:

    I can’t help but think of ShaMu the whale anytime I see WaMu.

  4. Yeah, Providian is such a great company, too!

  5. Red_Eye says:

    ROTFLMAO The worst part is this. A few montsh prior to this WAMU sold OFF their credit cards to Citi! I know this because my wife had both a Wamu (prior to the Providian acquisition) and a Providion card (also prior to the Wmau acquisition).

    So her Wamu became Citi
    Her Providian became Wamu

    IT was hilarious. Providian has one of the worst online sites Ive used outside all the current cards now forcing stupid security questions down your throat that dont secure anything other than an IT persons job.

  6. cman6453 says:

    Ever since they stopped their $1.50-stops-here campaign, I never liked ’em.

  7. Snoked says:

    a credit card company without a functioning loss prevention department should not be allowed to exist. this is a shame.

    i work for a credit card as a CSR and our LP dept is open 24/7 in order to provide adequate customer service.

  8. ttrv says:

    WAMU/Providian strikes again. 4/18/2007 WAMU without warning decreased my credit limit on my Platinum business card to a rediculously low limit, Without warning. I found outabout this when I called to inquire about POS card denial. I was informed by several clueless CSRs on 4/19/07 that they could not approve a credit limit increase. Well as you may have acertained I wasnt asking for a limit increase I just wanted to know what happend to my credit limt I signed up for. After an hour of wasted time with them I finally got a Manager who gave me the 411. I learned that WAMU had purchased Providian and adopted all of their practices regarding credit cards. They check cardholders credit reports monthly and make decisions on what they see.
    When I was solicited and accepted this card a in Apr 2006 I did not know that Wamu was the new face for providian. Nor did I know about this monthly credit check. New face same old crap.
    I have been a customer in good standing for a year and hardly used the card. Which didnt mean much i guess because three days before I am to venture on an important business trip I had my primary resource cut. It could have been worse I could have been traveling when it happened which would have magnified the issue. Non the less I am still pissed.
    IN Closing ALL who have or are thinking about gettting a Wamu credit card please think twice, if you have options excercise them.
    I was informed that WAMU only have high risk cards and it is totally their discretion to increase and reduce credit limits with no notice. They make these decision very heavily by your Credit score. Before WAMU I have always stayed away form high risk credit cards because of chady practises. Needless to say I am a bit pissed at me for presuming a national BANK like Wamu would be a part of shady practises. Lesson learned, I am going to keep the card since they charge no annual fee but from this day forward Providian or is it Wamu will never earn one dime of interest of my hard earned money. Knowledge is power…

    Tommy T. Travis
    Atlanta GA.

  9. misshelby says:

    I recently received my latest statement from Wamu credit card with a notice that they would be raising my APR from 10.74% to 19.99%. I have made every single payment on time or early, and have paid the mimimum or greater each time. When I contacted the company they sent me a form letter addressing none of my questions. If anyone else out there is having this kind of trouble, lets get together and have a good old fashioned class action law suit against these clowns.

  10. taftodd says:

    WAMU!!?? How about jacking up the APR on my account from 8.99% to 23.99% without warning.Even Providian was better than that. And they did this after I spent a number of years paying ONTIME and paying MORE THAN THE MINIMUM! So I called.

    First of all, it turns out that the raise is based on something in a credit report. When I asked about the credit report the person I spoke with dropped something about a recurring bill from 2002 that is still past due. There is no such animal. I went to the site for free credit reports, got the reports and returned to WAMU with my evidence. What did I get? The runaround. They told me, “Oh, we check things monthly and if you are eligible for a lower APR we’ll give it to you. Call again next month.”

    The next month I got a congratulations note in the mail along with a $1500 credit limit increase for being such a good customer. Was there a decrease in my APR? Of course not. And what did I get when I called with that little piece of information? You guessed it, the run around. From call center to supervisor to manager and it seemed to me they were all reading from the same manual — much noise,signifying nothing.

    My card is paid off now, and is in bitty pieces. It will go back to them with a letter of complaint. I plan to send it to the President or CEO or CFO, depending on whose address I can get ahold of first.

    WAMU — it stands for We Always Mess Up, get away from them as fast as you can!

  11. wardeb says:

    I loved Providian…..I paid around 11% interest and my payments were around 150.00 a month, along comes wamu and they gouge me for 31% interest and my payments are close to 300 a month, on the same balance because I can never get anyplace on it. I always paid on time and they completely screwed me over. I didn’ty think it was legal to charge that kind of interest, it’s like loansharks. Wamu, a cutsey name for screwing people.

  12. jennybento says:

    I opened my WaMu account in Oregon and they’ve never been able to sync it with WaMu in New York or Illinois.