Credit Card Vending Machines?

Sick of carrying cash? Enjoy drinking $2.00 vending machine sodas? Happy news for you: Credit card vending machines are being tested by Cadbury Schweppes. From the Indianapolis Star:

“We were all excited when these went in,” said Chant, who leads a team of girls who clean the ice between periods at Dallas Stars games. “I was scrounging around for $2 for a Monster. Now I don’t have to scrounge.”
The machine at the ice rink is one of 750 that Cadbury Schweppes and MasterCard are testing in the Dallas area, New York and Chicago to answer a key question: Will people spend more at vending machines if they can use plastic?
The early answer: yes.

Oh, joy. Someone tell the Stop&Shop credit swipe thieves they have a whole new venue to exploit. —MEGHANN MARCO

No coins for drink? Use plastic instead [Indy Star]

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