Airlines Embrace 'Edgy' Entertainment

It seems that airlines are starting to embrace “edgier” entertainment…and by “edgy” we think they mean, “not a veritable smorgasbord of only the most mind-numbingly horrific crap available.” From the Denver Post:

Since September, United has loosened its restrictions on what types of movies can be shown on jets equipped with overhead screens, which all passengers can see. When the airline played “Little Miss Sunshine” in the fall, an R movie with some ear-curling rants by Alan Arkin, “We got a tremendous amount of positive feedback,” Kovick said.

“We’ve found out that what customers want to see is not just the blockbusters but also good films they haven’t had a chance to see yet,” he said. “We’re not afraid to look at some movies that our competitors wouldn’t.”

What? Play halfway decent movies on the airplane? Why is this only occurring to them now… in the year 2007?

How many times have you had a conversation with someone where you ‘ve announced, “Lady in the Water was the worst movie I have ever seen!” only to be met with confused stares and had to explain, “Oh I didn’t mean to see it, I saw it on an airplane. It was an accident.” —MEGHANN MARCO

Airlines add edgier movies, TV options [Denver Post]
(Photo: JohnKit)