Apple Sends Reader 27 Warranties

Apple is sending Michael AppleCare warranties as fast as they’re churning out iPods. So far, he has received 27 warranties.

So i was wondering if anyone has run into the same apple care protection plan problem I did. Recently, I’ve been receiving certificates for items I didn’t even purchase, and just today, I received 27 of them in the mail. I called up Apple and they also thought it was pretty interesting. They said they’re going to look into it, so it’s now a matter of waiting.

Either there’s a bug in the Apple, or Michael is buying way too many Apple products in a misguided attempt to buoy AAPL’s stock price. Probably the former.

More envelopes, inside

../../../../../’s a whole mess of AppleCare envelopes. Has this happened to anyone else? Anyone need a spare AppleCare warranty? — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

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