Apple Sends Reader 27 Warranties

Apple is sending Michael AppleCare warranties as fast as they’re churning out iPods. So far, he has received 27 warranties.

So i was wondering if anyone has run into the same apple care protection plan problem I did. Recently, I’ve been receiving certificates for items I didn’t even purchase, and just today, I received 27 of them in the mail. I called up Apple and they also thought it was pretty interesting. They said they’re going to look into it, so it’s now a matter of waiting.

Either there’s a bug in the Apple, or Michael is buying way too many Apple products in a misguided attempt to buoy AAPL’s stock price. Probably the former.

More envelopes, inside’s a whole mess of AppleCare envelopes. Has this happened to anyone else? Anyone need a spare AppleCare warranty? — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER


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  1. LAGirl says:

    not that they’ll do him any good, since AppleCare will say that the problem is due to ‘customer abuse’ and refuse to cover it.

  2. homerjay says:

    Well thats unusual, Usually you can’t get a company to acknowlage that you have a warranty! In this case, its just the opposite.

  3. str1cken says:

    Man, I thought AppleCare hassles were just my problem.

    I went to see the genius bar at the Apple Store soho, and after fifteen minutes of the ‘genius’ coming up with successively more interesting ways to prove that I was responsible for the problem on my machine after I proved each explanation was impossible…

    Well, after fifteen minutes of that, he just started talking to a friend who had showed up in the store without saying another word to me.

    Why did I buy applecare again?

  4. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    I’d like to know why Apple keeps sending me e-mails about renewing the one-year warranty on my iBook, especially since I bought the 3-year old iBook used, and never had an Apple extended warranty.

  5. mattshu says:

    I’ve had nothing but successes when dealing with AppleCare. Even replacing things that were obviously my fault and not charging me.

  6. cabinaero says:

    AppleCare’s never been “bad” to me, but they once swapped in the wrong part (5400 rpm hard drive instead of the 7200 rpm) but quickly rectified the problem and even sent me a $20 AppleStore gift card for the delay. Other than that, no problems getting things fixed and, like mattshu, they’ve replaced user damaged parts as long as they were secondary to the repair (e.g., replacing a badly dented aluminum bottom case went my PowerBook went in for a display swap)

  7. Michael fails to mention his address is 123 Default St., Generictown, TX. :)

  8. FreakyStyley says:

    I’ve had an iPod go bad on me twice, and both times, the process for them to rush me a DHL box, me to return it, and them to ship out a replacement took less than a week.

  9. ganzhimself says:

    I had AppleCare on my iPod and my iBook (neither of which I own any more), and I had nothing but good things to say about AC. I dropped my iBook and busted the hinges on the screen. I told them that the screen came loose and the hinges broke when I opened the screen. They sent me a box, replaced the hinges, had it back in 2 days. When I got it back it looked like they went a little too rough on the screen and there were some really bright spots in the bottom corners. They took it back and replaced the whole screen. My iPod died after ~13 months of excessive use and abuse, they replaced that, no questions asked at the Apple Store. I sold the iPod and iBook, which I spent $1300 on in Sept. 2005 for $900 back in October ’06.

  10. jasonsee says:

    This is insane! I bought a brand new MacBook Pro December 5th and chucked an additional $366.46 for a 3-year AppleCare plan. Tt’s March 12th…I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE DAMN AGREEMENT! And this is after 4 calls to the AppleCare support line to have them resend the kit. Each time they claim it will take up to 3 weeks to for me to receive it.

    They’re lucky I haven’t had any problems yet with my 17″, or I have a feeling I could be screwed.

  11. Mallin says:

    As an apple employee, I can tell you exactly what is happening to Michael, infact I was the agent that talked to Michael, we managed to figure out what the problem was. Basically it was human error, some agent changed resale hub to have his information instead of making him a new AppleID or seeing if he had one already. We have since removed his info from that account and he shouldn’t be getting those anymore.

    @Jasonsee the certificate is just a piece of paper that tells you your agreement # and your serial # in the same place, no apple authorized repair place or Apple technician should ever require that you have it. The serial of your unit itself is all you need to get support once the Applecare is enrolled. If you just want to make certain that the app is enrolled, the best way is to take the serial and input it at and scroll down to the bottom right corner and put it into the box that says “about your support coverage”

  12. jasonsee says:

    Nicely done, Mallin!

    Our records indicate that your product is covered under the AppleCare Protection Plan and your date of purchase was 8-Dec-06.

    I’m not sure why the 4 agents couldn’t explain that to me the first time, so I wouldn’t have felt so frustrated.

  13. DrSarcasm says:

    Yeah well…I just had a horrible experience with AppleCare. The agent that I spoke to the other day told me that it would cost nearly $800 to repair my G3 iBook. I paid around $700 for the computer plus $300 for 3 years of AppleCare service. I find it rather unsettling that I would now have to pay the full face value of my computer to repair it under their “warranty program”. I only have two months left on my warranty period. This computer has visited Apple’s repair facility FOUR TIMES!!! Three of these four visits were to replace a defective logic board. This fourth time was for several other issues including an LCD monitor whose hinge is about to fall off and the fact that I am no longer able to power this system with my AC Adapter. In fact, this is my second AC Adapter. I have now lost all my respect for Apple as a consumer. Over the past few years, I have purchased an iMac and three iPods as well as this computer and have learned the hard way that Apple is now seemingly becoming a disposable electronics company masquerading as a high end computer manufacturer.

  14. shdwsclan says:

    Macs seem to break more, so why do people buy them.

    I paid 2200 for a fully loaded P4 2.0g, put it together myself in the case i wanted, it has really, no factory warranty….well the individual parts do….., but i put it together.

    It has been running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I keep it running because I use Xvnc on it and as a server for ssh/ftp and stuff.

    It been running for 6 years straight, yes straight, always on, and on backup batteries, reboot once in a while but it has never been off for more than an hour and thats only when im adding parts or upgrading parts.
    Never had to replace the logic board[we call them motherboards]
    Never had to replace the samsung monitor.
    No failure at all, maybe because the rambus is kingston, or the dvdrw is pioneer, or the fact that the drives are seagate…..

    So why buy apple, especially for a workstation, compared to what ibm actually had on the shelf, apple begged for something cheaper.
    The G5 is actually a slow and clunky version of the Power4+.

    Its not really unix, since it compiles to mach-o and not elf, and its really not all that secure, especially the closed source portion.

    I guess people like shiny things.

  15. radioboy says:

    why are the apple logos backwards on those envelopes? was the image flipped horizontally?

  16. benko29 says:

    dude was probably alone and took the picture of himself in a mirror.

  17. @shdwsclan:

    nice try. why don’t you go troll somewhere else now? kthx.