Roundup: Readers Who Canceled Their Cellphones Without Termination Fee

A selection of posts prompted by reader’s success stories in canceling the cellphone service without early termination fee, and how they did it.

After Battle, Marie Gets Escapes Verizon Contract
“Lesson: booting your issue up to the VP of Customer Service really works.”

Verizon Makes Customers Fax In Old Contract To Cancel Service Without Termination Fee
“Once the supervisor saw the fax she didn’t argue with me at all. I would recommend this tactic for anyone having trouble.”

Script For Escaping Verizon Contracts Without Fee, Based On Text Message Rate Raises
“Use this aggressive step-by-step script for leaving your Verizon contract early, without paying $175, in under 30 minutes.”

Cancel Verizon Without A Fee Even If You Have A Txt Msg Plan
“Reader Jonathan writes in to tell us how he canceled his Verizon contract without an early termination fee…even though he has a txt messaging plan.”

Script For Escaping Cingular Contracts Without Fee, Based On New Arbitration Clause
“We’re not sure if it will work but this information comes to us courtesy of a very disgruntled customer who says he used it to cancel his contract after 8 years of service.”


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  1. eightkid says:

    I got out of two Verizon contracts that were almost 10 years old. I started out arguing the text-massage fee increase, but I got a supervisor who must have been informed by management to be an incorrigible rude a-hole. I got so fed up with this jerk that I ended the call and promised myself to give it a shot the following day. I spent the rest of that afternoon scouring this web-site and found a very small blurb about Verizon raising their Admin fee on the February bill. I called back the next day and got out of the contracts without an ETF with no problem. I’m now a proud Cingular customer………for now.

  2. notlazyjustdontcare says:

    Where are our thumbs-up photos?

  3. jgodsey says:

    i figured out something bloody obvious last time i had to change my service plan with t-mobile. After we narrowed down the plan options and she kept FLOGGINg unlimited nights and weekends (the are the times i turn OFF my cell) I said ‘which plan does NOT include a contract?’ and she said oh the one without the unlimited nights and weekends. answer=yes.
    thanks that will be the one i’m taking.

  4. Zach Everson says:

    I got out of my Verizon Wireless contract with a year left on it by telling them I moved to a basement apartment where I couldn’t get coverage, it was my only phone, and I’m a sole proprietor who needs to be able to always have cell service. It took a few calls and a supervisor, but I got out of the contract.

    They wouldn’t let me keep my phone number, however, so I kept reminding them that as a sole proprietor I couldn’t afford to lose my number. They relented. And I wasn’t lying about my situation.

  5. BostonSportsGuy says:

    I have tried to cancel my contract over the last 2 days, as my Company has given me a Cingular phone (Blackberry).

    I tried contacting customer service, and visiting the store to cancel. They have told me twice that I need to pay the $175.

    Since they have logged my requests, can I still do this strategy (admin fees or text fees)?

  6. TeddyW says:

    I needed to avoid paying $375 in “pro-rated” early termination fees on my “family plan” so I posted my cellphone plan on and found someone to take it over. It did take 3weeks and a $19.95 “match fee” but it’s gone