Sprint Launches Feedback Site

BuzzAboutWireless is Sprint’s new customer feedback site. The venture features a moderated blog and an open message board forum, along with howtos and reviews.

A Sprint retention rep tells us that “…a lot of execs are watching closely of what is said on [the site]” and it’s “the best place for feedback because when you tell a rep on the phone or at the store something that you feel would better Sprint, it goes in one ear and right out the other.”

We applaud Sprint for taking this step to interact directly and publicly with its customers. Now it remains to be seen whether they 1) censor the discussions 2) enact real changes based on discussions that arise there… or whether it’s just a PR tool and a ball of yarn for consumers to play with. — BEN POPKEN

BuzzAboutWireless [Official Site] (Thanks to lederman!)


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  1. bambino says:

    I’ve posted a thread on there detailing my problems with the sucky-ass motorola KRZR. Let’s see if anything comes of it or if they give me the same blank stares the in-store techs did.

  2. rhodesbr says:

    I just posted my experience as a Sprint rep in their rants and raves section and was deleted (isn’t censorship grand on a FEEDBACK site?). Basically, Sprint claims I owe them 1) $230 for cancelling my EMPLOYEE phone when I resigned and 2) $450 for my corporate expense account which billed after I’d already resigned and turned in my laptop. No laptop = no ability to fill out expense account. Now I’m getting collections notices and my old manager (one of 5 managers I had over 11 months of employment as an outside Field Sales Business Rep) won’t lift a finger. Great company Sprint, glad you censored me on your ‘rants and raves’ section. Everyone make sure you keep your comments rosy if you want anyone to read them. Great job Sprint, I can’t believe you suck even worse.

  3. Helvetian says:

    Very nice, I hope T-Mobile follows suit.

  4. r81984 says:

    This is awesome, just think if every company has their own forum where you can get help from the company or other customers.

    DSLreport.com has official support forums for certain DSL providers and it seemed to work out well, I was helped a few times through that forum by either techs or other customers.

    This is definately the next step in customer relations.

  5. Pelagius says:

    We need more vectors for cat pics. Thank you, Sprint!

  6. Theseus says:

    Just surfed through quite a bit of the site, and I have to say that they seem to be exercising a light hand with the censoring. Lots of posts that are critical of the service, hardware and pricing are there and garnering lots of debate.

    I left Sprint a long time ago and am not a fan, but I do think that this is pretty brave of them.

    If it forces their execs to hear their customers real opinions instead of the varnished market research b.s. they’re usually fed, all the better!