Hacker Taunts Americans For Letting Him Steal Their Identities

This could be you.

A Romanian hacker posted this and 15 other people’s profiles in the eBay Trust and Safety forum, taunting Americans with his identity thieving prowess. He said,

…what make the american and canadian boys at 14-15 years old ????? Eaet burgers at Mc Dolnalds and watched naked girls on internet porno webspages…. Romanian guys at 14-15 years old scam people…Is so easy to stolen your eBay account and your Paypal…..is just a funny game for us…

We have to agree with the fellow. Stop eating your cheeseburgers and watching your porno and protect your identities, fools.

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Full screencap of the nose-thumb, inside…

Click to enlarge.



(Thanks to Bud!)

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