Hacker Taunts Americans For Letting Him Steal Their Identities

This could be you.

A Romanian hacker posted this and 15 other people’s profiles in the eBay Trust and Safety forum, taunting Americans with his identity thieving prowess. He said,

…what make the american and canadian boys at 14-15 years old ????? Eaet burgers at Mc Dolnalds and watched naked girls on internet porno webspages…. Romanian guys at 14-15 years old scam people…Is so easy to stolen your eBay account and your Paypal…..is just a funny game for us…

We have to agree with the fellow. Stop eating your cheeseburgers and watching your porno and protect your identities, fools.

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Full screencap of the nose-thumb, inside…

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(Thanks to Bud!)


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  1. barry_seltzer says:

    Phishing sites are easy to write, and relatively uninteresting, from a technical standpoint. I doubt this guy is as “hot” as he thinks he is. There are plenty of idiots who don’t know how to protect their info, from all over the world.

    Hunting for IDL for unprotected DOM objects is a challenge and provides a useful service (finding holes in Windows). Trying to beat SNORT, things like that… interesting and they can help build better, more secure systems.

    Phishing is largely a cowardly way to herd idiots and requires even less skill than installing Metasploit and calling yourself a “hacker”.

    Congratulations, these Romanian h4x0rs have discovered that there are idiots in the world.

  2. barry_seltzer says:

    @barry_seltzer: Bah… DCOM. Need more caffiene.

  3. mopar_man says:

    There are plenty of idiots who don’t know how to protect their info, from all over the world.

    How true. I know there’s people out there that could easily fall victim to this stuff but I always tell them to contact me if they think something is “phishy”.

  4. Scazza says:

    So this “leet kiddie” was able to set up a simple phishing site… wow, thats some mad skillz there!

    Go back to playing counterstrike and living in “the asshole of europe” as I believe the joke goes.

  5. nakmario says:

    I’d still rather have my identity stolen than to live in Romania… so… yeah.

  6. You can get your identity surfing webspages?

    I think that’s my new ‘internets’.

  7. priznat says:

    Our assholes could beat their assholes any day of the work!

    Bring it, commies!

  8. GenXCub says:

    Euro-trash needs to stop learning English from watching Borat.

  9. Skylar says:

    “Last thing : Why big companies from internet market want only romanian guys to work for them ????? Because WE ARE THE BEST !!!!!!!!”

    Well, it sure as hell isn’t for your English skills.

    Speaking of Borat, remember the village in the beginning? Filmed in Romania. I mean Jesus, guys, if you need the money so bad, you could try asking.

  10. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    It amazes me that banks still use your mother’s maiden as a security password/verification. And some banks will only let you use a 4 digit PIN for your ATM card. I’d prefer at least a 9 or 10 digits.

  11. matukonyc says:

    Romania is the hacker capital of the world. Try to buy something online and have it shipped there… you’ll notice that no online retailer will do it!

  12. homerjay says:

    The government of Romania must be so proud of their young folks. So proud…

  13. Rajio says:


    lol @Scazza & Counterstrike.

    hit the nail on the head )

  14. Bank of America requires an eight-digit pin, at least for me. Seriously, does anyone else need an eight-digit pin? Because that’s a crapload of numbers for me to remember.

  15. Helvetian says:

    The min is four digits for an ATM PIN. Not sure if your account has different requirements. I know the phishing scams well, and as long as you safeguard your info; you’re good. My info is safe, I’m not pretentious about it; but I monitor my accounts closely including authorizations and am very perceptive of any changes. Everyone must take control of their financial accounts and safeguard it.

  16. toomanyplugs says:

    umm, hey guys? What about that post about not just blurring info on posted pics, but blocking it out? I think it was posted here.

    Don’t you have a responsibility now to protect this data, too? I mean, yeah, it’s already out there, but couldn’t we avoid making just that little bit easier to get?

  17. cavron says:

    @Helvetian –

    Whoa, we have the same avatar? Quite odd!

  18. superbmtsub says:

    If Romania is known for phishing (thought it was Nigeria), then America is known for litigation. We should take those eurocraps to court here and sue the hell outta them or their government. But then, they’d steal stuff from us again just to buy a loaf of bread and some cigarettes.

  19. Helvetian says:

    @cavron: I noticed this, I’ve had mine since I registered (before you lol). It’s cool though, since it’s the Swiss flag I’m not too surprised.

  20. Xkeeper says:

    I could design a phishing website in about five minutes tops. Most of which would be restarting my database server.

    Honestly, congrats. You discovered morons. Way to go.

  21. capitalass says:

    “I’d still rather have my identity stolen than to live in Romania… so… yeah.”

    nakmario-That’s pretty funny.

    Still, I’m surprised this has become a nationalistic struggle on consumerist. I outsource all of my hacking needs to Romania.

    America Rocks! No one can mess with the states, ’cause we’ll shoot ’em down (and ourselves too) with Blackhawk helicopters and liberate them with cheeseburgers and Halliburton infrastructure.

    For those of you who lost your identities to this jerk, just post your credit card number as well as your social security number on this page, and I will take care of that guy (Should I add a disclaimer to that statement?). Oh yeah, the catch, err, disclaimer…it will only work if you post from a McDonald’s terminal while concurrently browsing porn.

  22. nakmario says:


    I hate to break it to you buddy, but Im Mexican.

    I live in the US but I am by no means an “American” – not that there is anything wrong with that. I just am very proud to be Mexican.

    So no, its not about nationalism. It’s about how this guys brags about how “smart” Romanians are and yet they can’t seem to form a decent government. Mexicans…. we’re working on it.

  23. Trai_Dep says:

    …and jack-off races. American fourteen-year-olds are known for their Olympic-standard j-o race powress. Err, the boys, that is.

    (not revealing too much of my adolescence, I hope)

  24. Gamby says:

    People dont realize alot of information is bought and traded online so it wouldnt be hard to find some peoples info outside of phishing. IRC and any of the p2p networks have tons of them. Whether or not they are real or if the credit cards are still functional is another story.

  25. Mozoltov, motherfucker says:

    People just don’t use common sense, don’t do research, and feel sorry for people. Unless I know you personally, everyone is an asshole and a scammer, no matter how many times I deal with you. Don’t compromise.

  26. voodoodle says:

    so apparently he’s too good for us but not too good for our money. yeah, it sounds like they do a great job raising ’em over there.

  27. Americana says:

    Phishing sites aren’t hard to figure out. When you get an email from, say, Bank of America and the url for the site you’re supposed to punch your info to has a url that sounds like some Russian deal (instead, y’know, bankofamerica.com) it’s pretty obviously not right.