Find 70%+ Off Amazon Deals With Jungle Crazy

The people behind BugMeNot and RetailMeNot have a new creation, JungleCrazy, designed to help you find the 70% off and up Amazon deals.

Simply search for the the product, or type of product, you’re looking for, and Jungle Crazy brings up a list of ’em that are 70% off or greater. While the ability to do this is nothing new, the results are arranged more attractively and don’t involve any URL hacking.

There’s two drawbacks. One is that searches have to be over three letters, so no Wii (try Nintendo Wii) and the search engine is a buggy. A search for “cars” had a set of mono-color towels among its findings.

Good for your deal-hunting Grandma, or if you just like searching using pretty pictures. — BEN POPKEN

Jungle Crazy [Official Site]


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  1. lindyman77 says:

    I’ve tried this type of Amazon “shopping” before and while I need to give these script kiddies credit for making the url hacking seamless, searching the 70% off bin on Amazon is like doing a search query back through the year 1994. The stuff I’ve found is mostly outdated junk. But if you need cables for your Iomega zip drive this is where to look.

  2. FredFortin says:

    Totally Crazy !! Thanks so much!

  3. Mojosan says:

    Pretty cool. The search feature is not working right now, but I’m sure they will take care of it.

    And while a lot of stuff is junk, there are some great sample deals on the front page and if you’re searching for a particular item (I’m looking for a great deal on a heavy winter parka) you won;t be sifting thru junk.

  4. Greeper says:

    I generally find that the sale stuff is stuff you have to be lucky to need (like a nimh battery for your camera) or otherwise 70% off some crazy high price. If yuo look at their tools, you can find a Delta X5 table saw anywhere for around 2200. THeir 40% off price puts it at the same price. THey do give free shipping though. BUt otherwise, thanks, but no thanks, I don’t need a pair of puce leather prada flipflops, even if they are 90% off.

  5. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    These sites are generally useless. It’s 70% off of MSRP, which is usually inflated and not what you’d find even at a store. So 70% off winds up being the current/average market price. You’re better off using shopping/price comparison sites. Nothing to see here, move along.

  6. Matthew says:

    I’m getting a 403 error. Is the link right? Did Junglecrazy get taken down?