Find 70%+ Off Amazon Deals With Jungle Crazy

The people behind BugMeNot and RetailMeNot have a new creation, JungleCrazy, designed to help you find the 70% off and up Amazon deals.

Simply search for the the product, or type of product, you’re looking for, and Jungle Crazy brings up a list of ’em that are 70% off or greater. While the ability to do this is nothing new, the results are arranged more attractively and don’t involve any URL hacking.

There’s two drawbacks. One is that searches have to be over three letters, so no Wii (try Nintendo Wii) and the search engine is a buggy. A search for “cars” had a set of mono-color towels among its findings.

Good for your deal-hunting Grandma, or if you just like searching using pretty pictures. — BEN POPKEN

Jungle Crazy [Official Site]

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