Ex-McDonald's Franchisee Dumps Sensitive Documents On Someone's Farmland

Sold a McDonald’s franchise lately? Unsure of how to properly dispose of thousands and thousands of sensitive documents, including employment records? Dump them on some guy’s farm and run away. That’s what William Brown of Lubbock, TX did, and he claims there’s nothing wrong with it because he intended to burn them. From NBC11:

Thousands of records containing personal information from people in and around Lubbock remained in a Lubbock County field, Wednesday night. Some of these records contain people’s names, social security numbers, even copies of their drivers licenses and birth certificates.
Lubbock County farmer, Kelly Kelsey contacted the Lubbock County Sheriff’s office, when he discovered this pile of boxes on his land Tuesday evening while he was working in the field.

“I couldn’t imagine what in the world it was. I got out to look at it and found people’s employment records, and social security numbers, and even some check books. Lots of information, vital information from somebody,” Kelsey said.

There is some dispute about who owns the land, Brown or Kelsey. If Brown turns out to be the owner of the land no charges will be filed. See? You can dump people’s birth certificates and SSNs in your yard if you like. Who cares about other people?—MEGHANN MARCO

Man Who Dumped Personal Documents Says He Did Nothing Wrong [NBC11]


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  1. King of the Wild Frontier says:

    Even if he really does own that land, he won’t be owning it for long after the first ex-McDonald’s employee finds their name on one of the papers that he dumped–assuming, of course, that they can fight their way through the horde of identity thieves that are doubtlessly swarming over the pile right now, not unlike maggots on a cow carcass in the hot Texas sun.

  2. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    Regardless of the info on the documents, what the hell kind of logic did he use? “Lets just toss all these papers…..there! Okay, all done.”

    Not suprising his McDonalds closed.

    “Hey boss? It looks like this case of meat went bad, what should we do with it?”

    “Just open it up, and throw it in the parking lot, we will deal with it later.”

  3. niccernicus says:

    Nothing adds up here.

    Benefit of the doubt given, ok, he intended on burning them. By what logic did he act on? Unloading all of that seems like a big enough job, why would he want to split this into 2 trips? Wouldn’t you assume you’d burn them right away, if for no other reason than to make it a 1-stop event?

    I suppose at his McDonalds you get the bun, then the next day they bring out the burger and cheese. Dolt.

  4. welby345 says:

    Even if you burn the papers, the wind will catch alot of it and spread it out. Ever burn trash when living in the coutry? Half burned papers will be evrywhere, and still readable.

    Hope they get sued by every former employee (and those using the stolen data to look like a former employee.)

  5. reeg2 says:

    it’s reported that he didn’t burn them because of many days of high wind; a very real and constant concern in a very dry, west texas.

  6. niteflytes says:

    Maybe he intended to sell tickets to all the identity thieves, serve beer & let them roast hotdogs as the stuff burns.

  7. Youthier says:

    @reeg2: High wind? So, he left a pile of sensitive documents in an open field on a windy day and figured they would all be there when he got back? What a douche.

  8. swalve says:

    Having worked for McDonald’s, I can safely say that it is awfully hard to lose ones franchise.

  9. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    I was at a McD’s a couple of week’s ago. Open on the counter was the “waste sheet”.
    It had the actual value of an item that was thrown out.
    I only remembered one: Big Mac = 51 cents.
    Remember that the next time you order one!