Soft Drinks Try To Convince You They Are Healthy

Soft drink sales are in trouble. The solution? Healthy-looking “sparkling beverages,” from Coke and Pepsi! From the New York Times:

While the soda business remains a $68 billion industry in the United States, consumers are increasingly reaching for bottled water, sparkling juices and green tea drinks. In 2005, the amount of soda sold in this country dropped for the first time in recent history. Even the diet soda business has slowed.

Coke’s chief executive told the NYT: “Diet and light brands are actually health and wellness brands.” Hmmm.

Soon Coke will be debuting Diet Coke Plus, and Pepsi will release a disgusting-sounding substance called “Tava”. Both will contain artificial sweeteners and will be fortified with vitamins. Too bad everyone knows Diet Coke isn’t “healthy.” Will adding vitamins convince you otherwise? —MEGHANN MARCO

Makers of Sodas Try a New Pitch: They’re Healthy [NYT]

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