Record Outbound Customer Service Calls With 321-CALL-LOG

321-CALL-LOG is free online service that helps you make recordings of and document your customer service phone calls.

After signing up, simply call 321-CALL-LOG, login, and dial the company you’re trying to reach. The site patches you through and makes an audio recoding of your phone call that you can later retrieve.

The site also lets create “cases” so you can document your customer service issues.

We weren’t able to give the service a try for ourselves as it’s in Beta and by invitation only. But according to one of our readers, the invite codes are pretty accessible if you ask for them.

Combine this and the “press 4 to record” function with Grand Central and you’re an unstoppable customer service recording machine. Then all you gotta to do is send the juicy recordings to us!

Side note: we wondered how they deal with the different state laws on recording calls. In this paragraph they say they’ve got it covered. — BEN POPKEN

321-CALL-LOG [Official Site] (Thanks to Vinny!)

UPDATE: We got our invite code less than 12 hours after we asked for it. We’ll have to give the thing a shot later.

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