Critics Hate Pizza Hut's Book It! Reading Program

We’re generally pretty damn cynical about, well, everything, but we have warm memories of Pizza Hut’s Book It! program…and we don’t even like Pizza Hut.

Sadly, not everything that makes you happy is good for you. From CNN:

Book It, which reaches about 22 million children a year, “epitomizes everything that’s wrong with corporate-sponsored programs in school,” said Susan Linn, a Harvard psychologist and co-founder of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood.

“In the name of education, it promotes junk food consumption to a captive audience … and undermines parents by positioning family visits to Pizza Hut as an integral component of raising literate children,” Linn said.

This week, Linn’s organization called on parents to end their schools’ participation in the long-standing program.

You know, she’s probably right. Nevertheless, we feel compelled to tell you that you can buy totally sweet old school Book It! T-shirts at Book It!s website. Ahhh, bad Consumerist! —MEGHANN MARCO

Critics denounce Pizza Hut reading program [CNN]

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