Clearance Items

Council to look into guerrilla marketing [Boston Herald]
“If the people in our business use a little bit more common sense there’s probably no need for further regulation,” he said. But Tuttle added it will be hard to argue against further regulations or increased fines after the snafus by TBS and Dr Pepper.

Stuck on the tarmac: Airlines kept more flights waiting last year [Seattle Times]
Travelers sat for two to five hours on 7,369 departing flights after leaving the gate — and for more than five hours on 36 others. The total was up from the previous year’s 6,715 but still well under the record 8,115 of the year before that.

Plane is bad place for bad battery [AZ Central]
Passengers on a Lufthansa jet about to leave Chicago in May noticed smoke coming from an overhead bin in first class.

Rat expert to review NYC standards at KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut [Herald Tribune]
Corrigan is a world-renowned expert on rodent problems. He once spent months living in a rat-infested barn to better study the rodent’s behavior, and he has taught at the New York City Rodent Control Academy.

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