Best Buy Now Staffs Toll-Free Line With Live Humans

Did you know Best Buy got rid of their robot menus? Now when you call 1-888-BEST-BUY, all you have to do is press 2 and a human operator will direct your call. This is fantastic. Customers often cite being enraged by pushing button after button, especially when they’re already pissed off to begin with.

Vanguard work Best Buy, may others follow in your footsteps. — BEN POPKEN
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  1. some_yahoo says:

    It won’t matter: with Best Buy’s infamy for not honoring warranties, pushing worthless extended service plans using flat out lies, and reselling returned faulty merchandise, they can man all the phones they want.


  2. phdsd says:

    You then wait 30 minutes on hold for a human in the department #2 sends you to….

  3. kevjohn says:

    Kudos to Best Buy. We’re all so quick to rip folks’ a new one when they do something boneheaded, so we should offer up accolades when they do something right.

  4. divendra says:

    Right, now it will be easier to reach the customer service person who understands that Best Buy doesn’t give a damn about customer “service” and is prepared to demonstrate that to you. Less time to reach the point where you’re even angrier than when you first called.

  5. hop says:

    the only thing that outfit coluld do right for me is go out of business

  6. Consumerist sometimes puts up contact info for where to complain to a company – in this case, I’d like to know the best place to write and give Best Buy a big “right on” for doing this.

  7. SexCpotatoes says:

    So that’s what all the money they ripped off of customers with their secret intranet site went to, totally understandable! All is forgiven… well, except for the Geek Squad Scandal.

  8. Josh Smith says:

    Go to store get service order number 20 minutes
    Call 1 888 BestBuy speak to human 1 minute
    get transferred to service wait 20 minutes to talk to someone.
    Repeat everything I have already keyed in or told another person. 5 minutes
    get transferred to parts repeat everything 5 minutes
    Reconfirm my new address for the 5th time 3 minutes

    Yeah good Job BB

  9. bnash says:

    Why do so many people complain about how long it takes when calling customer service? You’d have to be a pretty lonely troublemaker to call it much. What happened to going to the store, conducting your business and going home? And if you do need to call, I think it’s great that they simplified the menu.

  10. rugelus says:

    I am NOT a casual shopper at Best Buy. I have purchased almost all of my gadgits, movies and music there over the past decade.

    In June 07 I decided to buy my first appliance there. An $1100.00 side by side. Loved it on the floor but when delivered it worked TOO WELL!

    Both sides freeze. I lost food and a lot of time waiting on Best Buy to stand behind their product. I have had a dozen trips from repairmen to try and fix it.

    Finally in January of 08 it is fixed. For months I was not able to store items unless they could be frozen. My calls to customer service where always polite but they never really wanted to help me. I always felt worse after talking to them.

    I will never again buy an appliance from them. I have options and will use them. I have also cut back on other purchases from Best Buy. I only buy items that I can’t get somewhere else close to home.

    Bets buy is no longer my store of choice and not because I don’t like the store but because their customer service is a facade.