GAP CEO's Email Address

According to a tipster, this is the email address for the CEO of GAP:

Our informant seems to have supplied this to us in the hopes that shoppers will start a campaign of writing Bob and beg him not to close the Forth & Towne brand.

This, of course, assumes that anyone cared a whit about Forth & Towne. Perhaps you will find the email address more useful for resolving a longstanding customer service complaint or the like.

In any event, the search for Bobby Fisher’s email address is over. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. dohtem says:

    He doesn’t look like the typical GAP customer.

  2. Paul D says:

    “assumes that anyone cared a whit about Forth & Towne”

    Fixed that for ya.

  3. critical_matt says:

    Heh. I always laugh when the campaign to keep a store starts after they announce it will close. Perhaps if someone shopped there and they could make a profit, it would stay open. They’re not going to keep it open and lose money to make you feel warm and fuzzy. I really miss the Hudson’s building in downtown Detroit, but I didn’t expect them to keep it open so I could see Santa once a year.

  4. Elaine Chow says:

    What the heck is Forth & Towne? It sounds like a crazy, 16th century thing…

  5. nerdsavant says:

    You made a nerd joke. Ha!

    Am I the only one to get that?