Create and Vote For The New Consumerist Tshirt Slogan

Hey kids, let’s make a tshirt! You write the slogans, you pick the good ones. The winning slogan gets made into a tshirt. If we pick your slogan, you get 3 free shirts and everlasting fame and glory.

Inside there’s a fancy form with magic computer code that lets you submit a slogan. After you submit, you go to the voting.

Be sure to read the legalese that tells ya we own your slogan. You can submit as many slogans as you want, but only one every 30 minutes. We’ll pick the winning slogan in two

To go straight to the voting, go here.

Go inside! Submit!

Choose your slogan carefully! While you can submit as many slogans as you want, you can only submit one slogan every 30 minutes.

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