Consumerist On Marketplace

We had a lil’ soundbite on American Public Media’s Marketplace tonight for a story on Ruby Tuesday’s installation of “ultra-secure” credit card transactions. (Remember, just because it’s broadcast nationally on public radio doesn’t mean it’s NPR…)

As usual, we brought our best, breathy, Debby Downer to the table:

    “Which is why some people think what Ruby Tuesday is doing only attacks part of the problem.

    Ben Popken of the blog says he likes that several other restaurant chains are working on bringing the credit card device right to the dining table.

    BEN POPKEN: Taking out the human element cause that’s, you know, that’s where the con man thrives.”

What a drama queen! But what got left on the cutting room floor was a little something about how their new technology won’t prevent the waiter from using a pocket reader to scan your card on their way to the super-secure device. It’s a brilliant first step (not storing credit card transactions at a computer in the mall? WHODATHUNKIT?) but security measures are exactly just that, measures.

You can listen to the piece here. — BEN POPKEN