Tattle On Tax Cheats, Get Big Bucks

Know someone who is cheating on their taxes? Under a IRS program enacted in December, you could fink on them and receive a sizable reward.

The Whistleblower’s Office will give monetary rewards, based on the amount the IRS recovered, to people who come forward with evidence about tax cheaters. Allegations get 1-10 percent of the loot recovered. Specific information, especially documents, leading to a recovery could get 15-30.

As an added side-benefit, you’ll be performing a civic duty and helping to prevent others from abusing the system the rest of us abide by.

If you know a tax cheat, you can drop the dime on them at 1-800-829-0433. No information was available as to whether you could turn yourself in and get a reward as well.

Informants will earn rewards for turning in tax cheaters [Sun-Sentinel] (Thanks to c-side!)

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