Kodak's Trade-In Program Pays For Your Old Camera

Kodak will pay for your old camera if you buy a new Kodak EasyShare. It’s like trading in your old car, except there are no shady dealers.

Step 1 — Register for a Trade-In account and log in to the Trade-In Center.
Step 2 — Select the appropriate trade-in estimator and receive an instant estimate.
Step 3 — Buy your new camera at kodak.com.
Step 4 — Ship a copy of your kodak.com receipt & your old camera using the prepaid shipping label.
Step 5 — 7 to 14 days after receipt of the item, we send payment to you by check.

The program, which has been active since last October, evaluates several factors, including camera condition, zoom level, and external media included. The trade-in value is determined primarily by megapixel count.

We tested Kodak’s Trade-in Estimator by entering the specs of a new Kodak EasyShare C653, which retails for $129.95. The Trade-in Estimator estimated its value at $66.00. Apparently a new camera is like a new car; drive it off the lot, and it loses half its value. Still, this is worth considering for anyone looking to swap their digital camera for a newer Kodak. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

Kodak Fast Cash Trade-In Center [Kodak via Frugal for Life]
(Photo: OiMax)

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